Wednesday, March 7

Freaking Out

I know it has been far too long but some system settings changed my access and well it is really hard to get on the computer in the evenings. 

Anyway, I have been really really really busy which is good.  I am still volunteering a lot at our rectory.  I still love it.  I am taking some Catechetical type classes.  I need to get back to reading the bible but I am still reading a bunch in regards to my Catholic faith.

What has been difficult is the more I get involved with church the less my husband wants anything to do with it. 

I am freaking out though because word came down today about the bishop's closings being reversed by the Vatican.  I don't think they will affect us too much but so many things are back up in the air.  I know change is hard but the more you fight it the harder it becomes.  And personally the change we went through already has been the best for me.  I really don't want to lose some of the people I have come to love.

BTW - when did this format change?  I think I like it.  :-)


Cynical Hearts said...

I don't know when the format changed, but I am having problems searching for blogs among other things. I think it will grow on me eventually.

Good luck with your endeavors! Faith can be a hard thing to balance with life.

Idolidia Glez said...

Very interesting blog ...I loved everything I red.Hugs @ Kissess.

Lani M. said...

I just adore your courage in doing all of these, being busy is hard,balancing everything to be okay. But in God's guidance, everything will fall in place.
God bless!
Thanks for sharing!

Institute for Internet Safety said...

Good luck with the format change! I hope this will be the right fit. God bless you always!