Friday, August 31

She's Gone

I dropped Belle off at school today.

I waited with her in her line until about 2 minutes until it was time to go in.

I couldn't take it anymore.

I was going to lose it and didn't want to be the only parent standing there crying. Plus I didn't want Belle to see me crying.

She was a bit nervous but mostly excited.

I just want my little girl back.

(tears streaming down my face as I type this)

Thursday, August 30

Is It Over Yet

Is it over yet? Is it Saturday yet? I think I will be fine once the first day of school is here and gone.

Belle got to meet her teacher yesterday and now she is excited to go to school. I know she will feel a bit nervous but she will be ruling the school before I know it. Once she is familiar with a place she likes to walk around like she owns the place. She started doing that a bit yesterday when I was showing her around.

Me on the other hand, I feel nauseous and have had a headache and just generally have a high level of anxiety.

I think I will go eat something so I can take some meds.

Tuesday, August 28

Way To Give a Great First Impression

So much for the teacher thinking highly of us or our girl. I know she won't really hold it against Belle but that is what it felt like last night as we were 45 minutes late to our meet the teacher meeting.


I wrote it on our calendar as 7:00pm. Welllllll, it actually started at 6:00pm. We didn't find this out until we went to go into the classroom thinking we were early but then quickly saw that all the other parents were sitting down and in the asking questions phase at the end.

We waited until it was all done and then apologized profusely and asked her to skim over what she discussed.

I read over the material she handed out at home last night. I think she thought I was a freak because of some of the questions I was asking. It didn't help that my dear husband pointed out how I was questioning what was actually considered a small baggie AT HOME. I wasn't going to point that out.

Oh well. Tomorrow afternoon I take Belle to the school for an assessment and her own personal meet the teacher.

Monday, August 27

And So It Begins

This is it.

This is the week that school starts. :-(

Parents get to meet the teacher tonight and then I take Belle on Wednesday to meet her teacher.

Then on Friday is her first day of school.

Friday, August 24

Harry Potter

Done. Finally I am able to talk about it.

I won't blow it for anyone else but I did spoil it for J last night. But in all fairness I asked him first if he wanted to know.

Ok. I am bursting. Who wants to talk about it in the comments? Anyone??

By the way - it was gooooood!

Thursday, August 23


I too have followed in the footsteps layed out before me in order to try to make a little dough.

If you are able please take a moment to click the ads when you visit if you see something interesting.

You know every little bit helps.


Wednesday, August 22

School Bus Orientation

This morning I had to take Belle to her school bus orientation.

This is phase 2 of the 4 phase Kindergarten orientation.


We went to the school. All of the little kids sat on the floor in the front while all of the parents sat or stood in the back of the little gym.

At first Belle did not want to sit up front by herself so I went up there and kneel ed on the side sort of by her. After a few minutes I mouthed to her that I was going to go in the back and she gave her nod of approval. She was very nervous and scared about going today. I am starting to think she is more and more like me in that I get very nervous when I don't know what to expect.


They went through their whole little production about school bus safety (40 minutes worth) and then they were able to get a cookie, pick out a backpack, and then head outside to go for a bus ride.

What chaos while all of the parents tried to find their kids and then get the cookies and backpacks. I couldn't see Belle anywhere. I was hoping and praying she didn't go outside without me.

She was a good little girl and got her cookie then stood back to try to find me. Once I spotted her I had her come to me and pick a backpack color. These are nothing great but it will be useful on little outings. We already have her official school backpack.

We go outside and I realize it is only the kids getting on the bus. Once again Belle is worried about going by herself but I tell her she will be ok and to go ahead and get in line to get on the bus. She gets on and at first doesn't see any empty seats. I think she didn't want to ask another kid if she could sit with them or didn't know if she could sit with someone else.

She finds an empty seat somewhat towards the back and goes in to the window. I am bummed that I didn't bring my camera. But then I realize my phone has a camera even if it is kind of crappy. I snapped a couple pictures of her tiny little head in the window. I can't see below her chin since she is so small. My baby sitting on the big school bus. Again I almost burst into tears but tried to control myself. I am sure there were others but I wasn't looking around. I didn't want anyone to see the tears in my eyes.

I see Belle start talking with a little girl who sits with her. I later find out that she asked Belle why she has glasses. When Belle starts to tell me this I cringe on the inside and brace myself for what I know is bound to happen at some point-teasing about having glasses. I asked Belle what she told her and she told this little girl that she needed her glasses to see good since her eyes were bad. Bless her little heart this little girl simply said, "OK".

Belle is happy she made a new little friend even though she failed to get her name. This little girl may not be in Belle's class since there are a total of 5 Kindergarten classes but she did wonders for Belle's attitude about going to school.

And the best part of the day is when Belle tells me that she thinks this is going to be a good year because she already made one new friend. Again with the tears in my eyes even as I type this.

And then back to reality(work). On my way into work something falls from the sky and does this to my window.

Yes another crappy cell phone picture but I believe you can still make out that blob in the middle. Yep a nice splintering crack. Damn it.

Tuesday, August 21

Lunch Items

Continuing on my ever increasing stress level about kindergarten I have been a crazy person over her lunch.

How will she get there and how will she eat on her own?
How will she not fool around and eat her lunch?
What if she doesn't eat all her lunch and then gets hungry.
Will she have time in the latchkey (before and after school care) before school to eat breakfast?
And so on
And so on
And so on

Add to the fact that on most days we will be packing her lunch it adds to this list:

What will she eat?
Will she get sick of Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches?
Will she eat the fruit I put in there?
Will she only eat her cookie?
What can I put in there?
And so on
And so on
And so on

I am trying to gain so ideas of what to pack for her lunch as well as what I can pack for her breakfast since she will be there at the crack of dawn for an hour and 40 minutes prior to when school starts.

Any ideas?????

Monday, August 20

So Much Stuff So Little Time

I have so much stuff to do that there is a major backlog at my house. And working, well let's just say it is getting in the way. Although there is the fact that I need the money that working provides so there is always that.

Anyway, my most pressing matters are Kindergarten.

I am so not looking forward to my little baby girl going off into the big world. She is so little and naive. Yet she is so grown up. This time has just flown by. When did she turn 5? How did that happen?

She has gained so much maturity this summer. I am completely awed by the things she comes up with. She can shock me at any given moment. Yet she will constantly sit on my lap. And even as of yesterday she will ask me to do the Rock -a- Baby as she calls it. So I pick her up and rock her back and forth through Rock a bye baby in the tree tops, When the wind blows....

School starts on the 31st for her. She will be going to school all day. All day. From 7am until we get off of work. The actual school hours are closer to 8:30 - 2:30 but she will be there longer. Without any family members with her. No one I know to watch over her. No one I know to be there when she needs someone close to her. It brings tears to my eyes as I type this.

The world is such a scary place. Please world be kind to my girl.

Wednesday, August 15

Selling Stuff

So far I am loving Cragslist.

We put something on there on Monday and it was gone Monday night and I had the cash in my hand.

We have something else up now. It isn't going as fast but I think it will also sell.

No fees. No postage.

This is great!

Friday, August 10

Ahhhh Vacation

Vacations always make me happy.

Whether we do anything or not I love me some vacation time.

We had a great week. The weather was sunny and hot which was perfect for what we had in mind.

We didn't stay 2 nights anywhere which I was a bit bummed about but we did stay overnight at one of the water parks.

We played in the water altogether for the first 4 or 5 days. Then we took it easy for a couple days.

It was so hard getting back to the grind this week. I have had so much work keeping me busy each day and I am still behind.

The nice thing about today so far is that our phones our out at work.

Happy Friday!