Tuesday, October 30

Updates and a Little Halloween Fun

Thank you for the well wishes and prayers for my friend. She is doing well and the surgery went as expected. They only had to remove 3 lymph nodes and the initial test came back negative. They were sent for pathology and she should get those results this week. I hope she is now cancer free. She ended up staying in the hospital a day longer than she thought but is home now and doing as well as she can.

Last night we decided to carve our pumpkins and if I must say so myself they came out great. We have a disney theme going on but that is how our house is. I ended up carving two of them even though one of them is Belle's. She did help a little bit until she hurt her hand. Let's just say she got a cut on the side of her hand by her pinkie finger the size of a pin head and that put a stop to most carving. She didn't like sticking her hand in the goop but eventually did a little bit.

My husband took the harder one and swears he had it worse than us but I still say mine was more work since I did 2 to his 1.

Can you guess which ones I did and which one he did?

All in all we had a good time with it last night. Tonight we roast the seeds.

update: My husband carved the witch while I carved the castle and cinderella.

Friday, October 26


If you do such things please say a quick prayer for my dear friend who is having her double mastectomy surgery as we speak.

If you don't do prayers at least please send her some good vibes.

I can't think about anything else today. I can't wait until she is out of surgery this evening. They expect it to take about 8 hours.

Monday, October 22

Damn It

I have been so busy lately I really don't know if I am coming or going. I hate this feeling.

Well to top it all off my poor daughter was probably scarred for life today.

You see it was Kindergarten Grandparents/Special Friends Day at her school. The paper that was sent home last week stated:

Monday, October 22, 2007
9:30-10:30 ADED and AM Kindergarten
12:30-1:30 PM Kindergarten

So my MIL goes at 12:30 after spending a large amount of time on the phone with me this morning trying to figure out how to work my camera.

They tell her that Belle's was this morning at 9:30. They try to see if she can sit in the class for a little while and is told that they aren't really doing anything right now but watching a movie since her teacher is in a meeting.

Of course now I am the bad guy. Apparently ADED stands for all day every day. How am I supposed to automatically know what these abbreviations mean!!!! I do now. Why couldn't they have just put all day. There wouldn't have been this misunderstanding then. GRRRRR

Wednesday, October 10

Bad Blogger Cranky Pants

I think this is going to be my new name: Bad Blogger Cranky Pants. Right now they fit well.

I hope I grow out of them soon, though.

I have just been so very busy. I have had no time to think about anything. The mornings have been torture for both me and Belle. Poor girl...

For example in an effort to make sure she gets breakfast before school I have let her pick out a few things from the store such as toaster struedels in the cinnamon roll and apple flavors, mini cinnimon rolls, mini pancakes, etc. Let's just say I had when she refused to eat her pancakes this morning. I told her fine, she could just starve until lunch time, I was no longer going to buy something she says she will eat, etc etc etc. Like I said poor girl. She hardly eats all day long because she barely touches her lunch. She also has choices of oatmeal, cereal, toast and other such things but nothing is easy. I realize that she needs to eat breakfast pretty much as soon as she wakes up but we don't have a choice. They don't allow the kids to eat in the morning Latchkey. She barely gets her sandwich eaten at lunch time since she runs out of time to eat. They do get a snack in the afternoon in her classroom as well as in her after school latchkey services but she is really hungry when she gets home. I am losing my mind over her meals.

Add to this we have had bad car key karma yesterday and today. Yesterday someone my husband works with had to use his keys for a work lock and gave him back his keys with his car key bent in half. How do you bend a key you weren't even supposed to be touching. It wouldn't even turn in the ignition. Then this morning I had to park in a different spot that I didn't realize was on an angle. So I get out of my car, turn myself around to grab my purse and the door closes just enough to click locked.with.my.keys.and.purse.inside. UGH> Thankfully the parking lot attendant was able to get someone to get it open.

I really just needed to go home and climb back in bed to start all over again.

Tuesday, October 2


I can't believe how time flys.

What is new you ask? Ok, maybe you didn't ask.

Belle is loving school. She continues to amaze me on a daily basis. She is learning what they call "no excuse" words which are basically sight words. So far she knows (just after 2 weeks I might add): we, can, I, a, here, have, my, see, the, blue, red, yellow, white, black, purple, pink, orange.
Everyday we are adding new words because she is constantly asking me.

Work is work....

I have a spare bedroom that serves as a spare bedroom on rare occasions but mostly serves as my craft room/catch all room. This room drives me bonkers because it always seems to be in a state of destruction. So I have taken to redoing it. I had already painted it and made new curtains about a year ago. Now I am building a desk/table and shelves. Plus organizing all of my supplies. I would love to be able to just go in there and be able to create without first having to search for stuff. I have the table painted and I have the shelves cut. I need to get finishing nails to attach the moulding to the shelves and then hang them on the walls. I am hoping to have that done this weekend.

My sister just told me that she and her husband are doing the clomid/IUI procedure this month. Please pray for her that this works and they can have a healthy baby.

Well that is all I can think of right now so I guess I will stop rambling.