Thursday, September 28

Thursday Smursday

I don't really have anything today.

It is ice skating day so I hope my pain isn't bothering me too much by tonight.

As for the way I feel today - - - blah blah blah.

It is kind of cold, rainy, and just the type of weather that you just want to stay home. Have a cut of hot cocoa and curl up under your blanket and watch movies all day. Not that I ever really get to do that but it sure sounds great!

Wednesday, September 27


I have a pain in my side. Around about where my appendix would be. I am not sure what this is all about. I don't want to call the doctor but I am afraid I am going to have to. I have been feeling a bit nauseous after eating over the past week or so but nothing serious. I just thought maybe I was fighting to not get a stomach bug. Of course not bad enough to make me stop eating.

But then today there is this pain. It hurts when I move certain ways and really if I push on that spot. The problem with calling the doctor is that I don't have the time. Their office isn't anywhere near where I work and isn't really near my house either. It is out of the way. Plus I would have to take time off of work. Not really into that.

So I am not sure if I should wait to see if it goes away. I don't want to panic and call the doctor at every little paper cut. But I also will go if I need to.

My dilemma is how long do I wait before making the call? I don't know anyone who has had their appendix removed to even know if these are symptoms. My fear is if it is and it bursts then I am screwed. UGH.

Tuesday, September 26

Tuesday Mish Mosh

I have several random thoughts so I am just going to blabber on about them here. Together.

First, how about Ellmo? He is making a killing. Well maybe that is not appropriate to say about a children's toy. But the adults are the ones who are going crazy. Did anyone see this report?
Oh.My.Goodness. It is a toy. Now I understand the desire to get your hands on one but it is not necessary to hurt someone.

This reminds me of Black Friday. One of my favorite shopping days. Our office is always closed the day after Thanksgiving and I get up at the crack of dawn and head out for the stores. I stand in the lines to get in and try to get my coveted items. I have already studied the ads and know what I want and where. I know which stores open first and plan out a driving route to make the most of my time. I am usually just out getting extra stuff after 8:00am. But I got off track. My point is that even though I am one of "those" people. I am still not one of "those" people who will push, shove, run, and steal something out of someone else's cart. It is crazy. People get so uptight. I make it a point to be extra nice to the people working because there is no way in hell I would want to work on that day. CRAZY!!!

My mother pisses me off. This of course is nothing new but this just sucks. Apparently she is out of town but I am sure she knew about this. You see my godfather has been pretty sick as of the last few months. I didn't really know him but through email and our family email link I have gotten to know him a bit recently. I knew he was nearing the end of his battle with cancer but I had no idea he had passed away on the 17th. I had no idea there was a wake and funeral. I had no idea. I guess one of the older cousins decided this should not be something that was sent out to everyone through the email link. He assumed each family branch would notify all. Well our branch is broken. I came in to work yesterday to an email saying what a nice wake and funeral it was. WHAT!! This really bummed me out. I am sure I will be sad once I get over my anger.

My daughter yelled at me last night while we were playing a board game. Literally yelled at me. So I told her as calmly as I could that she did not need to yell. That I had not said she lied about where she was on the game and that she will not talk to me like that. Her response, "Mom, you made me mad. You said I went to the castle already and I didn't. You said I lied. You just made me so mad!!". It is a shame she didn't hear me the first time. So we put the game away and we will not be playing it again this week. The thing is if she would have listened to me that she indeed did go to the castle already she would have been winning. And the funny thing is she is so opinionated and believes she is always right. She will argue to death. So I just try to tell myself that it is good she is like this so that no one will ever walk all over her. Damn it. Who ever said kids should have a mind of their own (dripping in sarcasm is also something she picked up). I am sure these traits come from my husband. ;)

Maybe there was a common theme today. Can you guess what it was?


Why can't we all just get along........

Sometimes I crack myself up.

Monday, September 25

New Living Room

My Sister-In-Law and her husband gave us their "old" entertainment center. They are getting a new one. Now keep in mind this one is in great condition and is maybe 6 years old if that.

This gave us the perfect excuse to paint the living room. We have been wanting to do it for awhile but the thought of moving our old entertainment center was enough to put the kabosh on that idea.

So this was the perfect time. I picked up a bunch of paint swatches a couple of weeks ago. It is very hard to pick colors since our carpet is a bright royal blue and we are unable to replace it now. Our current color was white with just a hint of purple. It looked white unless it was in a certain light or you looked in the corners.

Our new color is purple. But with a hint of grey/blue. As we told people we picked purple their reaction was always, "Oh". And I would laugh saying it isn't as bad as it sounds.

I did take before pictures but haven't been able to take the after pictures yet. Once I do I will add them on this post.

Needless to say we are exhausted. We started on Friday afternoon and had to finish with enough time to get the TV hooked back up before the 4:00 football game. And since I am the one who hooks up the electronics the pressure was on.

The suspense builds. Did the TV get hooked back up?

Or not?

I should take a vote. But who really cares.

And in case you care, yes it was done with time to spare.

My motivation was my good friend had her baby on Saturday and I wanted to get to the hospital to see her and the baby. Plus I was excited to give her my gift. She had a beautiful 9 lb. baby girl with a little bit of dark brown hair. She didn't feel heavy at all. Of course that is because I am now used to picking up 36 lbs.. of little girl. We got her this really cute pink and white build a bear on the day she was born so that the birth certificate of the bear matches the day of the babies birth. Every now and then I come up with a good idea.

Friday, September 22

Swish Swish

I am happy to say that I did not break a leg last night.

You see, last night was our 1st ice skating lesson. My sister, a friend, my sister in law and I were in the adult class and my daughter was in the kids beginner class.

We all learned how to fall. How to get up. How to march.

The adults also learned how to stop. How to hop in place. And how to make swizzels.

It was so much fun. But I did have a flashback moment.

Picture a young child around 8 or 9. Innocent and shy. Her parents put her in ice skating lessons. She learns how to skate fairly well. At the end of the year is the ice show.

This shy girl is then dressed in a flapper outfit. Which is really cool when you spin and certainly that was the best part.

During the show my parents and grandparents are seated in the bleachers to watch their precious child. Little did I know they had evil and sinister plans. Little did I know that as the show went on I would disown them completely. For they had a plan to embarrass me beyond belief.

After each group did their performance we all had to skate around the wall to wave to our fans. That is when I really really really heard the loud roar of my family. And they had the nerve to be saying my name in their cheers. What are they thinking. I refused to even glance in their direction. Who are those crazy people? I don't know. They are not with me.

I was soooooo very embarrassed. Funny how our perspectives change as we get older. I am now the one cheering for my daughter. She seems to like it, though.

And now I look back at that memory as a fond one.

So now I joke that we can be in the ice show this year as adults. I joke now but ask me in the spring and it may no longer be a joke. We shall see. Maybe they won't even ask us. And even if I am secretly happy I will be outwardly disappointed.

Thursday, September 21

Busy Busy Busy

This week has been such a crazy week. Today being the worst in a way. We are also trying to clear out our living room to paint by this weekend. We are getting a new (for us) entertainment center from one of my SIL and BIL's who have bought a new plasma tv and are no longer in need of the one they have. It is really nice. It is real furniture. Ours is a pressed wood type of thing. Nice but not real furniture. So since we need to move everything it is a perfect time to paint.

But back to today.....

Not only do I need to work today, I had to drop off Jaclyn at my SIL's house which I don't normally do on Thursdays.

My MIL or SIL will be taking her home sometime this morning and my MIL will watch her the rest of the day.

I will then race home and take her to dance class.

We will then race to the bank.

We will then race home.

Eat dinner. Hopefully.

Change our clothes.

And both of us will be heading to the ice rink for ice skating lessons.

Yes, both of us.

Jaclyn has been wanting to take ice skating lessons for about 6 months. Today they will start. If you remember we went skating a few weeks ago and it was so much fun that my sister, her friend, and I decided to take lessons also. And now my other SIL is supposed to join us.
Get your ice packs ready. I may need them.

Tuesday, September 19

Pre-School Warnings

So I feel as though I have been getting indirect warnings from the pre-school teachers.

Since my SIL takes and picks up my daughter on the 3 days a week she goes to school I get the messages from her. When there is about 10 minutes left in class one of the teachers will go out into the hall and talk to the all the parents in general about the day. I keep hearing stuff like send them in comfortable clothes, don't wear anything fancy tomorrow or next week, dresses are probably hard for the kids, and on and on.

I can't help my daughter LOVES her skirts and dresses. I had finally talked her into wearing jeans for this week. She hasn't worn them yet since they were set out for tomorrow but we at least got them set out. Don't get me wrong. Jaclyn doesn't run the ship completely but I like to give her a say in what she wears. This makes her happy and me also since I don't have to struggle with her about her outfit.

Today was supposed to be one of the don't wear anything fancy days since they will be painting. So I picked out an outfit that was from Walmart as one of her crummy outfits. Most of her clothes are from the Childrens Place and I only paid a max of $5 per piece. Generally only a $1 or $2. She doesn't really have the rag-a-muffin type clothes. So I sent her in looking all cute and stuff.

I truly wouldn't be that upset if she got paint or juice or whatever on her clothes. If she wears each thing only once I got my money's worth.

Is it wrong that I want her to be clean and orderly when she goes to school?

Thursday, September 14


I am all for a good rock band but I just spent the summer watching Supernova choose their new lead singer. Most of the decisions I have agreed with.

So it came down to the final 4. Over the few weeks prior they performed some of their new songs. It sounded like they wanted to have a different sound to what they had previously in their former bands.

But then they chose the winner and he sounds so much like the singers of their past bands. The hard hard rock sound.

UGH. That was a waste. I wanted Toby to win personally. I even voted online this week but to no good. I guess they just saved me some money.

Wednesday, September 13

Send Help For My Sanity

After only 2 days of pre-school my daughter informs me she has a boyfriend. His name is Anthony and he likes her a lot.

I ask how she knows he likes her. She tells me because he is always looking at her and he wants her to help him.

So I ask if she likes him. She is all giggly and says yes.

I ask her what makes her like him.

She tells me "because he likes for me to help him and he is funny and cool."

Oh boy. Am I in trouble.

Tuesday, September 12

Babies Grow Too Fast

My baby girl is no longer a baby. She is now a school aged child. How did that happen? When did that happen?

Well, it happened yesterday. Yesterday was her first day of pre-school. She was sooooooo excited. She could hardly contain herself. She went right in the classroom and sat on her name on the floor as instructed. They sang a number song, did a Clifford story, made a Clifford art project, played with toys, and played I spy. Even had a snack of juice and pretzels.

I took the day off so that I could be the one to take her and pick her up on her very first day. I was doing pretty good until we pulled out of our driveway and I saw the kindergarten kids get on the bus. I looked at the bus and it drove by and all I saw was all of these tiny little heads that barely reached the windows and tears started to well up in my eyes. If my girl wasn't in the car I probably would have been bawling. But I pulled it together as I didn't want her to see me crying before she went to school. When I got back there to pick her up she was actually a little sad it was over so quickly. But since she got to go back today it was all good from there.

Yesterday she wore her special school outfit we bought. On the shirt it said Princess in sparkly letters and another little girl in her class said she looked like a princess. It was really cute. She of course had to wear another dress today and has one picked out for tomorrow. We will see how long the dresses will last.

After I picked her up I took her to lunch. Just the two of us. It was so nice to just hang out with her. I really had a great day with my beautiful, smart, funny girl.

I love you Jaclyn, more than you know.

Thursday, September 7

Fa, Fa, Fa, Fashion

Who decides what is in style and what is not. If you look back over the years there are some really silly looks that people thought were the bomb. Just like sayings they go out of style.

Flared jeans were such the craze, then those same people who wore their flares proudly thought what in the world. Then turned around and bought them for their kids so their kids would be hip and cool.

What I am not sure of is this fall's fashion trend.

Who decided it was cowboys and cowgirls for this fall season? Not that I am necessarily opposed to it but it just seems strange. When did the western scene become the IT look? Or a better question was who decided it was cool to wear leggings under shorts or skirts? I don't particularly like this look other than to say I love this because it covers more skin. I would love for the fashions to not be too skimpy as my daughter gets older. So I will toast anyone who makes kids clothing that covers up more skin than it shows. Here's to you fashion designer....

My fashion sense consists of the same basic clothes/style that I have worn for the past 10 years at least. I don't buy too many clothes for myself. Partially because I need to lose weight and therefore clothes shopping is not very fun. But mostly because I prefer to spend the money on my daughter. I try to buy clothes at the end of the season and put them away for the following year. But how do I do that when someone decided to make her a cowgirl.

Kids can be cruel so I don't want her too much out of style but I also refuse to get rid of the basics. She has her normal jeans, long sleeve cotton shirts, and other such items that she will be wearing often. I did purchase a special school outfit and some new shoes. Including some cowboy type brown and pink boots but other than that she is stuck with what she has.

I am thinking about letting her wear her special outfit for the first day. I really want to make it special since this is her first day ever of school. Even if it is pre-school. I want to take her picture going in and all of that good stuff. I hope I don't embarrass her.

My SIL is taking her to an orientation tomorrow morning since I have to work, so she will meet some of the kids then. But it is still not her real official first day. That comes on Monday. I took the day off so we can make a day of it. I told her I will curl her hair, drop her off, and pick her up. I think I may take her to lunch after or do something fun. She is so excited. I just hope she keeps that enthusiasm throughout her school years.

This also makes me very sad that she is growing up so quickly. I want to keep my baby with me forever. She tries my patience daily but I wouldn't trade her for the world.

She used to tell me that she was going to live with me forever. Recently she told me she wants her house to be pink. I told her that I thought she was going to always live with me. And her reply was, "Mom, it doesn't work like that. I will come visit you but I can't live with you".
WHAT!!! Who told her at 4 that she has to live on her own! The injustice of it all. Who thought it was ok to make her a little wiser in the ways of the world. UGH> I guess I can't keep her this age forever.

When I take her to my SIL's house during the day while I work I still put a change of clothes, medicine (in case it is ever needed), her glasses case, her blankets and baby and any other stuff in a bag that stays there with her. Until this week it was still a diaper style bag. It was a solid navy blue but still a diaper bag. So we went and got her a black Hello Kitty backpack and moved all of her stuff into that. I made a big deal about getting rid of her "baby" bag and now she has her big girl bag. She has been very big on not being called a baby and not being treated like a baby lately. Of course I use this to my advantage when necessary to get her to listen and do what was asked of her but it also makes me a little sad. My "baby" is no more. She is growing so fast I can't keep up. She still needs me more than not but she is growing mentally and emotionally also. My prayer is still that when she grows up and as she grows up we stay close and can always talk to each other about anything and everything.

Tuesday, September 5

Labor Day Weekend

So who had a great weekend? Anyone? Anyone?

Ooh! Ooh! Hand raised high. Ooh! Ooh!

I did.

Saturday we were busy cleaning, and doing errands. We were gone most of the day but I was totally fine with that since I still had 2 more days off of work.

Sunday we did some lounging in the morning but then in the afternoon Jaclyn and I went ice skating. A friend of mine was having a birthday party for her hockey son and invited us to come skating. Jaclyn has been dying to go skating ever since she saw some movies featuring ice skating stories. This has been the first opportunity. I knew I would be putting her in skating lessons this fall so Thursday evening I found her some used (like new) skates for only $15. With some new pink laces and use of my magic eraser they looked brand new. My sister as well as a few other people we work with were also invited. Plus a ton of other people.

So we get to the rink, put on our skates (mine-rented), and we head for the ice. Jaclyn thinks she will just get on the ice and she will be spinning and doing triple sowcows. However, that was not to be. She kept telling me that her tummy was nervous before we got there. I tried to prepare her for feeling that cool sensation on her bum but she still thought no problem. She puts her skate to the ice and whooom. She almost goes down. I am holding her hand and manage to keep her up. Now I am nervous as I have not ice skated in at least 20 years. So I am also prepared to kiss the ice. But the cool air and smooth glassy ice was so inviting that I didn't even care if I ended up close and personal with my reflection.

Jaclyn and I are inching along the side so she can hold the wall. We make it about a 1/4 way around the rink and 15 minutes has passed. I was a little bummed because I wanted to go. To feel the wind through my hair. But my child needed me. Then my sister came to the rescue. She grabbed Jaclyn's other hand and we started off. Each of us holding a hand trying to hold her up. Me going backwards, Missy going forwards and Jaclyn getting brave in between. Us continually saying "keep your feet flat and together". She thought she could swish swish swish with us pulling her. And by the time it was all said and done she could. And she would say go faster. I want to go faster. There were a few close calls where we almost bladed over another child or adult who came in our path. By the end we were all going forward as fast as we could.

And with 2 minutes left in this beautiful skating session........

We are going fast down the straight away when all of a sudden I am kissing the ice. OUCH!! My knee cap hits first. Then my arm and side. Jaclyn is down closer to Missy and it was ugly. You see we were getting cocky. Jaclyn lost her footing kicking my skate out from under me and before you knew what was going on we were down. It must have looked really bad because a man near us was asking if we were ok. And trying to offer me a hand to get up. I said we were fine through my laughter and tried to get myself up. I wanted to save what little dignity I had. But you better believe if I couldn't get up on my own I would have had to swallow the last bite of pride. Ahh but thanks to my toe pick I was able to maneuver myself to my feet. Jaclyn is not quite crying but also not whining. There was some sort of inbetween crying thing going on about her thumb bleeding. I would have taken a picture of it but the cut was so miniscule that it would not have shown up on film. It was also bleeding if you want to call it that. It was more like a red line.

So we are now done skating and getting our shoes back on. We get a snack for Jaclyn from the vending machine and get in the car. We drive the 30 minutes back home and all is well in the world. We had a blast.

A little while later I decide to look at my knee. OH MY GOODNESS!!! Who put that goose egg under my skin! It is scraped and swollen. My husband just shakes his head and goes on about his business (of doing nothing).

It was still a load of fun!!

Even though a few days have gone by and my knee is still a little sore and I discovered a scrape on my arm.

I am now the proud owner of my own ice skates. I will be hitting the ice once a week if at all possible.

Monday we went to a local county fair to check out the livestock. My daughter is so good about not hounding us for rides at the fairs that I even let her play a $5 throw darts to pop balloons guaranteed large prize for kids game. She got a cute stuffed purple butterfly that hasn't left her side yet.

The most important part of the fair for Jaclyn and I was her discovery of the elephant ear. I have been teasing her about eating elephant ears since last winter. All summer we weren't able to get one. Once I tried but she chickened out. She was very concerned we were going to be eating a real elephant's ear with powdered sugar on top. Needless to say she was happy it was not. I took her picture taking a bite before we left the fair. Now I will need something else to harass her with.

From the fair we went to my SIL and BIL's house for a cookout. We had a lot of fun there and found out they are remodeling their living room and will be giving us their entertainment center. It is much nicer than the cheap thing we use so that was a nice surprise. We should get it sometime in October. The trick will be to get it to our house. Now I will really need to get my butt moving to paint and re-arrange the furniture that I have been talking about doing all year.
We stayed there until 7:30 and then had to hurry home to catch Prison Break.

If I had my pictures off of my camera I would post some but sadly I am not that up to date transferring the pictures from my camera.

I hope everyone has a great short week. I know I am glad it is already Wednesday.

Friday, September 1

A Quickie

Just a quick moment to say.....


This is my last day with no makeup!!!! Not that I am excited or anything (sorry, I had to wipe my mouth. The sarcasm was running down the side of my chin.).

More later....