Tuesday, June 27


My girl was the cutest Sugar Plum Fairy ever if I must say so myself.

I was so nervous for her before her first performance Friday night. She was just excited and not the least bit nervous. Good for her. I hope she keeps that self confidence (without being cocky) throughout her life. We did her hair in the obligatory ballerina bun. Did her makeup with lavender eye shadow with glitter, sparkly pink lip gloss and sparkly hair spray. She loves that she is allowed to wear makeup for recital. Normally she is only allowed to wear her lip gloss.

She is such a girlie girl who also loves to be active in sports. But she won't play in her little tykes playhouse too often, though. When I ask her why she says it needs to be cleaned out. But then when clean she says it still has too many bugs in it. Oh well. She will touch a worm though.
Which is more than I can say for myself.

She already wants to know when she can go on stage again. Have I mentioned I love this girlie girl?!

Friday, June 23


Yes, it is true. My daughter is a Sugar Plum Fairy in her ballet recital this weekend. The first show is tonight. I am so excited. I hope she remembers her dance and does well up on stage.
They look so darn cute!!

And yes it is also true that I will be the proud mama in the back crying. I am a sap but I can't help it. My little girl is growing so fast...

Thursday, June 22


Well the vet will soon be history. I was so angry on Tuesday after I talked to them, my face was bright red and hot to the touch.

Let me backtrack a bit.

I called around noon to check on my dog. To see how it went, see how he did and all that good stuff. I was greeted with an attitude again. Was told they haven't seen him yet. I asked why not and was told they were not able to get him out of the cage. Now that has never been a problem before but whatever. She said she would call when he is done (with a don't call us we will call you attitude). I told her I would probably call back later to check anyway.

So I get a phone call around 1:15ish. The attitude is now sweeter than pie saying they are almost done and he should be ready to be picked up at 2:30. I say ok and that my MIL will be picking him up for us.

I get another sweeter than pie phone call at 2:20ish saying he is all done and can be picked up. Again I say my MIL is coming and that I told her about 2:30 so she should be there soon.

I then get a voice mail message from my MIL around 3:00 saying they are at our house and he is fine and cut short. BUT the total was $121.25.

WHAT!!!! I was expecting at most $75-$80. ($35 max (per attitude) for the grooming since we paid $30 last time, $20 additional sedation (per attitude), heartworm test I requested which I knew was $20 something. My mother in law took a check I signed and paid the balance when she picked him up.

So I call the vet's office and speak to Carol (front desk lady) who runs through the charges with me:
$40 grooming
$40 sedation
$25 heartworm test
$16.25 immunization shot due in August

I tell her that is not the amounts I was told earlier in the morning. I asked if I needed to speak to Marilyn (attitude) and she just transferrs me without warning. I told her that I didn't understand the charges and why they were so much more than she told me when I asked in the morning. We were going round and round. She was just trying to cover her ass and say she said it would be at least those amounts but it could be more. Bull. So I asked her who I needed to talk to about this and she said no-one. I asked her to transfer me back to Carol so I can ask her who I need to talk to. Before I know it the vet who owns the place was on the phone.

I am already not a big fan of this vet. I much prefer the other one that works in the office. We already feel he messed up my dog's surgery which resulted in him needed a second one a month later (which we had the other vet do). He gets bladder stones and needs to be on a prescription diet and take pills to balance the acid level in his urine. Maybe that is too much info but sorry.

Anyway, he gets on the phone with an attitude with me. I try to explain to him what is going on, why I am upset. All he can do is argue with me. So the more he tries to argue the more ticked I get. I am not one to start a fight but I also won't back down when I am dealing with the service we receive. I am firm believer you catch more bees with honey but sometimes you need the bug spray. In the end he said he would comp me the $5 difference from the grooming since he told this new groomer not to raise her prices more than $5 every 6 months and if I only paid $30 last time I shouldn't have paid $40 this time. But still argues the other $20 difference and the fact that he gave a shot without my consent (trying to save me another $25 by not having to bring him back in August). Ok fine but ask me first. He has no idea what my financial situation is and if I have the extra cash this time. So like I said he just continued to frustrate me with his attitude. So he finally says "I will comp you the $20 from the sedation but then I don't want you as a client".

WHAT THE H---!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been going to this vet for 9 years and this is the thanks I get for it. I have only had 2 problems in that whole time and each time this vet is so unprofessional and unkind that this was the straw that broke the yorkie's back.

So I called my SIL's vet and I will try there. I called them yesterday and they were very nice. I told them that he can be a biter and that we need prescription food and pills for him monthly. I wanted to make sure I could get another vet to provide the care we need before I told my current vet to pound salt. I had left it as I would let them know because I had to seriously think about that comment he made. But I was just buying time to contact someone else.

I wonder what has happened to the customer service in this day and age. And since when is an overcharge the customer's fault. I just feel if this is the way he wants to run his business I do not want to give him anymore of my money. He already has tons of it.

I am very sad about this and feel like this vet has completely betrayed us but just writing us off. We could have resolved this issue even if he ended up not giving us our money back but he had such a bad attitude right off the bat that he threw away any chance of having a positive outcome. Even though I don't want to support a person like this it is hard. Our dog is like our child and it is a bit scary to try somewhere new. But I am determined to get through my fear and hopefully we will all be better off for it.

Hang in there bud, we will make sure you are well taken care of.

Tuesday, June 20


Why can't things ever go smoothly. It should have been fairly simple.

All I wanted to do is have my dog groomed. He is small but does have a reputation for being fierce. He is a Yorkie for goodness sake so his bite is defintely small. Okay so no bite is small but still. My vet office knows him well. Knows how he is. They have given us some medication to give him before he comes in to calm him down. Now keep in mind he is the sweetest thing and would lick you to death if he could. But just don't try to do anything to him. He won't be bullied.

So I do as I am told and give him his sedation pill 1-2 hours prior to his appointment. I need to go to work so my MIL takes him to the office promptly at 9:00 as instructed. She gets attitude from the new groomer's helper. I called the office just to make sure we are all on the same page on how we want him cut. He doesn't like to be brushed so we try to keep his fur fairly short as if he were a puppy. I tell them he is sedated and want to know when they expect him to be done.
She then tells me she isn't sure. There are 9 animals to be groomed today and don't expect to hear from them before 3pm.


I brought him in sedated and now you are telling me you won't take him first. If he needs to be sedated again it will cost me an additional $20.


So I am fully prepared to call the office around noon and find out the scoop. If they needed to give him additional sedation because they took too long to get to him I will have to voice my frustration. I love my vet's office and I have never had a problem like this before.

So now I am on ticked off mode until they change it.


Yesterday when I left my desk the sky was bright and sunny. By the time I got down the elevators and to the front door of our office building the sky was a little less bright. By the time I got to my car and started driving the sky was very strange indeed.

The clouds looked like they were moving over the city like the alien ships did in the movie Independence Day. These clouds chased me home and opened up just as I got in the house.

So much for swimming lessons. It stormed just long enough to have them cancelled. Jaclyn was so upset. But we will try again today and it is supposed to be a beautiful day today.

Monday, June 19


This Monday morning did not start well. Let me set the stage....

To get my daughter to my SIL's house in the mornings means I need to travel 15 minutes further east before turning around and heading west into our downtown area for work. This is about a 30-40 minute trip altogether. So when I went to get on the freeway this morning and I saw that heading west was at a stand still where it usually is not I knew I was in for a long drive.
You see it rained this morning and that always means someone can't remember how to drive in the rain which results in accidents and long traffic tie ups. Now of couse one of the accidents was on the opposite side of the freeway but we need to stop to make sure we get a good look at the crash. And if we are lucky we may see some blood and gore. What did you say? You can hear the sarcasm in my voice? Who me????

Why oh why did I ever dream of working downtown??

I was once a foolish high school student who thought "how cool would it be to work downtown where there is always things happening!!!"
Now I dream of winning the lottery but why doesn't that dream come true? Even when I do play?

And yes I was late to work which means no real full lunch hour for me. I just can't seem to get with the program today.

Friday, June 16


Today is my anniversary. 6 years. It is the first anniversary where I can truly say at this time we were saying our vows or taking pictures or drinking the juice. We were married on a Friday. It was great. I am so glad we didn't have the traditional Saturday wedding. We had an extra day for our honeymoon and I wouldn't trade that at all.

Oh course my girl feels this is her special day since it is the day she graduates from Safety Town.

So Happy Anniversary to me and my hubby and Happy Graduation Day to my girl!

Thursday, June 15


A friend has been pondering why she hasn't been the super mommy she thought she would be. I think as much as we would all like to believe we would never do certain things we all do things we never thought we would. There is no such thing as a "super mom". We all do the best we can. At least all of us that truly enjoy and want to be moms. I know there are plenty out there that do the bare minimum but I am not going to comment on those right now.

But all this pondering has made me remember that 1st night at the hospital after giving birth. I wanted to keep the baby in my room with me. So when she woke up in the middle of the night I had a bit of a panic attack.

What do I do with her?

I know she needs to be fed and have her diaper changed. I have babysat plenty of times so it wasn't as if I had never done these things. But how do I know which to do right away? How do I know what she wants or needs?

It was a little disconcerting at first. But I did the best I could and changed her diaper (which was so very small). And I fed her. Truthfully at this point I am not sure in which order but both were done and she fell back asleep.

After that I knew there was no manual or help at all hours. That I had to trust myself and do the best I can in that moment and all would be ok.

I know I have had moments that were less than perfect but she tells me "your the best mommy!" and that is all I can ask for. And I tell her she is my "best girl".

I love her more than words. I tell her that every night and someday I hope she fully understands the depth of that simple phrase.

Wednesday, June 14

Great Weekend

I had a great last weekend. On Saturday we went to dance class and the fishing tournament to see how J did. Other than that we just hung out. Then on Sunday Jaclyn and I washed the van while J did some yard work. We ate lunch outside. And it was really nice. The weather was warm enough to wash the van without being cold but it wasn't so hot that you couldn't stand to be outside.

It is days like these that I just wish we could freeze frame.

This next weekend looks to be a lot warmer so maybe we will go to the sprinkler park. That is provided the veil of sickness leaves our house.

Tuesday, June 13


Oh Man. Now I am sick. It started yesterday afternoon and by night time I was done. I think my nose is trying to run a few marathons today and soon I will have to take kleenex from my co-workers. Calgon take me away.....

Monday, June 12


What a crazy week it has been. My poor baby was sick. She had a fever from Thursday (6/1) evening through Monday (6/5). So that was the first trip to the doctors office. Basically sent us on our way saying it was something viral and definitely not bacterial. So off we went minus the $15 copay.

Then come Wednesday evening I see her covered in red splotchy spots with bumps that look like little blisters. UGH. So I know she was at the park during the day and then at my MIL's house and behind her garage. What are these spots??

So off we go to the urgent care since it is now 8:30 at night and I have no idea what poison ivy or any other rash looks like. We wait 30 minutes. Not really that long considering where we are. The doctor sees us and doesn't really take a full history (as far as I am concerned) and sends us on our way dismissing it as hives and they will go away. He asks me "does that sound ok?"

WHAT! Does that sound ok? How do I know. That is why I am here. But like a good lemming I leave and go home again minus my $15 copay. In my mind I am thinking these hives will be gone in the morning. She isn't really complaining of anything else. They don't really itch her so ok.

Here it is Thursday morning and what do I see but more hives in different spots. So I take her to my SIL's house who watches her during the day and she calls me around mid morning and says they are all gone. Meanwhile I talked to the nurse at her regular doctor's office who explains things a little better and they can last for about a week. So I feel more at ease with the unknown hives.

Then it is 1:30 Thursday afternoon and here comes another phone call from my SIL who says they are now all over her face. So I call the doctors office back again and we make an appointment for 4:00 that day. By the time I pick her up they are gone from her face but fear not they were all over her body again by the time we were at the doctors office and more came out while there. Again another $15 copay but at least this one came with some better explanations and put me more at ease again.
Definitely Not -
from a bug bite
from a new food
from poison ivy
from new soap
from anything new that we can think of

Probably from the illness we were there about just a few days before. They gave me samples of Benadryl to give her to help the hives go away. She still wasn't really itchy and didn't really have any other symptoms.

So here we are today and she is basically fine. Just a few hives left and a somewhat stuffy nose and a little cough. I can deal with that...

BUT I just got done working out and taking a shower and I think I see some hives on me. OH NO> Here we go again.

Friday, June 2


Who ever said it was the terrible 2's. I think 3 was much worse. And I think it was/is a conspiracy to not let new parents know that 2 is easy in comparison to 3. You come out of 2 and think this wasn't so bad. What is everybody talking about. And then SMACK right into the attitude wall.

At 2 my girl was still my sweet baby. Don't get me wrong she had a mind of her own but it wasn't such a struggle. For example she didn't want out of her crib so we left her in there until she turned 3. And then we only moved her to a big girl bed just because.

At 3 she started off just fine and then one day without warning the head spun and out came this sassy, smart mouthed, making faces and comments behind my back, stubborn child with my girl's sweet face. I would think where oh where has she gone.

So I went through several different options of discipline trying to find one that would work. We have used hot sauce on the tongue (which was really wostershire until she discovered she liked it on steak so we had to switch to true hot sauce), standing in the corner with her nose pressed into it, taking something away, butt smacks (or even just the threat of a butt smack), screaming as loud as I can, to practically whispering to make her try hard to hear what I had to say. At some points I would give her 3 choices from the above list and ask her which one she wanted. Of course she would usually pick the corner. And of course she would want to sit but the meanie that I am made her stand quietly with the nose pressed into the corner. It seemed to help and we still use that one to this day. And I only need to say either do --------- or go stand in the corner. It is your choice.

This has been hard for me because I hate to be the bad guy but I don't want her to be the girl going hog wild in the future. I have always told her that I still love her even if I am mad. Plus I tell her it is my job to punish her if she doesn't do her job of listening as a kid. I think she thinks I am crazy sometimes and I probably am but don't tell anyone.

At 4 we still battle but it does seem to be less and less. I had to start a sticker calendar just for bedtimes because each night was so bad. We had to stop having her little cousin sleep over because my girl was not listening at bedtime. It started that she would get a prize after 5 stickers in a row. This has really REALLY seemed to work. We have now had 2 months of only stickers and no black X's. We have extended it to 7 in a row now. And if she has thoughts of going crazy all I need to say is "Do you want an X or a sticker? If you want a sticker you better settle down and stay in this bed." And do you know what happens? IT WORKS! Who would have thought this possible a few months ago when she was getting more X's than stickers.

My girl is so strong and I admire her for that. I try to let her express herself as much as possible as long as it is in a polite manner because I love that she thinks for herself and has such a strong will. (Even when it is making me crazy).

I love my girl more than she will ever know.


I have to go back to May 18th and the funeral. This side of my family is very small so we were all able to fit in the funeral limo. Which included my daughter.

Well she just thought this was the coolest thing. She didn't need to wear her seat belt or be in her car seat. She sat on my lap and was riding backwards and there were so many people in there and on and on it went.

So this morning she sees a limo parked and comments on this again. So I ask her what about it. And she of course replies "it's cool".

We are so in trouble when she gets older...

Thursday, June 1


I can't believe it is June 1st already. May flew by so quickly. But I have to say I had a great Memorial Day weekend. Saturday was uneventful but then Sunday and Monday were so much fun with my Babe. We found out our local sprinkler park was open which was a great thing since the temperatures were unseasonably high at 90 degrees. So I put her bathing suit on her and we went and had fun in the water. We were splashing each other and just have a great time. We ate lunch on the patio and relaxed when we needed to. We went for ice cream one evening and just all around bonded as we can do so easily.

I hope the day never comes where she doesn't like to hang out with her mom. I sure do love hanging out with her!


I am new to this blogging. I like it, though. I like the thought of being able to say whatever I feel that day and get it out. I am a very private person by nature and don't talk a lot to the people I am close with about what goes on deep inside. But this also scares me a little. I think what if people really knew how I felt, would they think less of me? Hopefully not but I always wonder. I am trying really hard to post often and honestly. We will see what happens.