Wednesday, May 28

Wart Be Gone

Belle has had a wart on her big toe for probably about a year.

We tried everything.

We tried over the counter band aids that had the medicine in them.

We tried over the counter liquid.

We tried the doctor who in turn tried to freeze it.

Nothing worked.

There was one point where it seemed we got it but it just got bigger.

I was really starting to worry that her toe was going to be permanently deformed since she had this big bump on the side of her big toe.

So at the end of March I decided we were going to try again with over the counter products. We bought new brands and had medicated discs that you cover with the special round band aids that come with it plus we bought a different brand of liquid.

Daily after her bath we would file it and try to pull off what we could. It took about six weeks and layers upon layers of warts came out.

It was gross. It was painful both physically and emotionally.

I know she will remember this experience for the rest of her life.

During the process we both kept saying we will be so happy once it is finally gone. She really wanted it gone before vacation so she wouldn't feel self conscious wearing flip flops and sandals.

We both said we would celebrate.

And then Belle came up with the idea of having a Wart Gone Party. She designed how she wanted her cake to look and it went downhill from there.

We ended up having her Wart Be Gone party this past Sunday. It also turned into a bit of a cook out. I wanted to invite some of our friends but Belle was upset that I told her little friend from soccer about it because she didn't want anyone outside of the family to know about her wart.

I made her this cake:

She wanted it to be in grass so I added green food color to coconut and spread it around the foot. If you look closely you will see the wart on the big toe.

She decided that her Uncle would have to eat the wart because he is not afraid of anything. It became his honor to do it.

In the end she was glad her friend from soccer was there and I should have just gone ahead and invited our friends over but we had a perfect weather day and the party was a success. Belle even got gifts from her one aunt who brought her 2 pairs of flip flops, 2 bottles of nail polish, a toe ring, a toad (frog) web*kinz all packaged in a toad (frog) gift bag. We of course had already painted her toes so she would have pretty feet.

I hope this was the first and last wart be gone party we will have to have. :-)


Anonymous said...

I just read on another blog that vinegar works.. soak a little cotton ball in vinegar, band aid it to the wart and leave it on over night... apply each night and this is suppose to help

cute cake

Heather said...

Congratulations to the wart be gone girl!

mzsamiam said...

I think the party is just the right thing. It has been said that "wishing away" a wart will work.(How about that alliteration!) I am a nurse and know about these things.

Amy said...

What an adorable cake! :) So glad her wart is finally gone. I remember when we were kids, my sister had one too. My dad had her put an aspirin on it with a band-aid over it. Sounds weird, but it made it fall off.