Thursday, August 31


You know way back when I was a child. It is hard to imagine that possible but it is true. As a baby I learned how to walk when I was 9 months old. I am sure I learned to run while I was 1.

But now that I am ummm well let's just say older I don't know how to run. It feels like my legs are thinking my mind is crazy for trying to fathom such an idea of moving one foot in front of the other in a fast motion. About a year and a half ago I started to take the stairs at work and run on my treadmill at home. My knee decided it wasn't very happy with me. I had problems with it locking as if something was in it before this bright idea too force. So I ended up having laproscopic knee surgery last summer.

I was doing well with trying to lose weight and be more active before this surgery. After it I just sort of stopped. My knee is completely better but my weight is not. I really want to change this but haven't found something to motivate me enough.

Well, I think I have found my answer......

I want to run a race at W*alt Di*sney Wo*rld!!!!


So I am making my goal to be able to run a race there. I don't think I could do it by this January but hopefully they have other events throughout next year.

Wednesday, August 30


I find myself going crazy this week because I cannot wear my eye makeup. I am not someone who looks perfect by any means. I have been known to run up to the store without makeup on as long as I wasn't going to be gone long. I do pray that I never run into anyone. The horror of that is unthinkable.

But I have now had to go to work for 4 days without makeup. And everyone is looking at me. I know they are. I am NOT paranoid. They ARE looking at me. Don't you see them?

Ok maybe not but that is what it feels like. On a normal day, I start the day with my makeup done and I attempt to do my hair. Although if there is any moisture in the air that is a futile project. But at least I start the day with my makeup on. During the day I rub my eyes, face, and who knows what else. Not there. I mean on my face. Anyway, by the end of the day my makeup is usually rubbed off for the most part. My mascara and eye liners do see me through, though.

So now every time I have to leave my desk in my very brown bland cubicle I feel the eyes.


Monday, August 28


I made it through and it is great to not need contacts or glasses at all. I currently have 20/20 vision which I have not had since I was a kid. Unbelievable.

It definitely was one of the scariest things I have ever done.

When you first get there they double check your vision using the chart and prescription do hickey that you say better 1 or 2, 3 or 4, etc. Then you leave all of your possessions with your designated driver. Including your glasses.

They lead you into a back waiting area where they swab all around your eyes with iodine and then make you take Benedryl. Why Benedryl I am not sure. But I was proud of myself for being somewhat calm and deciding to not take the Valium. Already back there is a couple on one of the couches and another lady on the couch next to the chair I decide to sit in. OH-nearly forgot they make you put on a surgical cap and cover all of your hair and put gauze under it and over your ears so that drops don't run into your ears. That was a pretty sight. At least I can imagine it was because I couldn't see anyone clearly enough to tell you. Everyone is fuzzy except the man who is only there to lend support to his wife. HE has his glasses on still so he was able to see. He offered to help me turn on the massage chair if I wanted to sit in it but I thought that would just make me more nervous so I stayed put. We all chatted briefly about our prescription strength and I was the lowest so I guess that is something....

The other 2 ladies were taken back before me so I was left to myself for a few minutes. Then they called my name. I tried to put on a brave face but I fear it didn't work. The "helper man" (HM) walked me to the first laser that was going to cut the corneal flap in each eye. He did warn me that it would go black while it was going. My eyes were numbed with drops and then it started. You have to try to lie still as you are tipped backwards in a dental type chair. Feet in the air. They put a cover over one eye and then suction cup a device over the eye they are working on. That didn't really hurt but it was a lot of pressure and did freak me out a bit. I tried to stay still and control my breathing but I was struggling a bit. The laser did its job and I couldn't see anything for a minute or so. When it was done that eye was extremely cloudy. They moved me a bit and did the second eye. The whole time I am thinking I don't even know if my eye is straight since I can't see a thing since you are "blind" while the laser was making its path along my cornea. Yikes. Once both eyes were done HM had me get up and go into the next laser room. He held my hand and guided me along. I still don't know what he really looks like but he is being very gentle and comforting. He reassures me that it is ok that it looks like I am looking through a bunch of bubbles. And in my head I think that is exactly what it looks like. How'd he get into my head?

In the next laser room I am left alone for 10 minutes for more drops to take effect. I am supposed to keep my eyes closed this whole time. I try to relax and I start to hear someone moving around. Next thing I know the Dr. is introducing himself and moving me under the laser that will now change the shape of my eyes. He again covers the left eye while they start with the right one. He asks me to look up as far as I can. He tapes my eyelid but I can't really tell if I am doing it right. I must be since he then told me to look down as far as I can and he again puts tape to hold my eye open. Dr. tells me to watch the red light. I think I am doing this and I hope I am doing this. I hope my eye is not wandering as my mind is. I can feel myself start to panic a bit as I smell the laser working it's magic and the Dr. must have sensed this as well. Before I can really get myself worked up I feel a gentle touch of the Dr.'s hand as he puts it on the side of my face. It was so reassuring that it calmed me down immediately. He did have to tell me to keep watching the red light during my left eye so I must have wandered but he wasn't at all gruff about it. Which again calmed me. The strangest part is before and after the 2nd laser does it's thing the doctor is swiping and brushing and fluttering my eyeball. At least that is what it seems like since I can't really feel it nor see it. It was as if he was tickling my eye with a feather. I knew he was moving my cornea and replacing it and making sure it all went back together correctly but it was almost comical in a surreal sort of way.

I know during each phase I was clenching my hands together and holding my breath as I do in the dentist office. But it was fast. Thank goodness it was fast. The parts that really shook me were the suction cup thingy and the smell. The smell wasn't really a burnt flesh sort of smell but it was definitely a hot burning smell. Thank goodness it was fast.

I was taken in the back waiting room at 3:00 and I was out the door and heading to the car by 3:30. But not before they put the clear plastic guards taped to my forehead. Now that was a lovely sight. And not before they snapped a picture of me with the doctor before I had a chance to catch my breath after the surgery. Again another beautiful picture. You have to go back in the next day for a follow up 1 day after surgery. At this visit when you are seeing clearly they present you with this photo. I couldn't even look at it. Oh my it was bad.

My sister was quite happy she decided to drive me since she was able to get a chair massage while she waited for me. They have food, drinks, TV, massages and who knows what else that they give kindly and freely to the people in the waiting area.

I couldn't really see too well Friday on the way home as my eyes were very sensitive to the light. Similar to when you get them dilated. You are supposed to go home and sleep for 3-4 hours so that you keep your eyes closed. It helps them heal faster and better. But with a 4 year old that wasn't a possibility. I did keep them closed the majority of the time until 6:30 (which was then 3 hours post-op). My husband was nice enough to go get pizza so that I didn't have to cook. But by 7:30 I needed to make brownies for a BBQ at John and Lauri's house on Saturday. I meant to make them before work on Friday but forgot. Then I decided to give Jaclyn a bath since I knew I wouldn't have time on Saturday. My husband thought I was crazy but it really wasn't that hard to do by that point. I was really feeling like something was in my left eye and it kept running but my right eye was fine. By 8:00pm both eyes felt fine. I took some motrin around 9pm and Jaclyn and I both went to bed.

Jaclyn was so sweet when she got home. I actually was home first and was lying on the couch when her and J got home. She came in and just started rubbing my leg and saying, "Poor mommy. I am going to take good care of you." over and over. It was the cutest thing. She really does have a good heart.

When I woke up Saturday morning both eyes felt great. They weren't really light sensitive anymore and I was able to drive myself back to the office for my check up. All was well and my goodness my vision is 20/20. Amazing....

Now I just have to get past not wearing any eye makeup for a week. That is the hardest part for me. At least when I am not at home.

Thursday, August 24


The verdict is in.......

I am having Lasik surgery on Friday. Tomorrow. Oh my...

I know I am making a volcano out of a small nugget of lava rock but it is scary. Like the molten lava chasing me trying to swallow me up. These are my eyes after all.

I remember back when I was in 9th grade. I thought I was so cool. WHAT!! I was wacked. I had such a warped sense of who I was back then. It feels like that was another person and I didn't really have a childhood. I think of the things I used to do and wonder who was that person. I am not sure how I became the woman (how did that happen) that I am.

I hear people talk of their childhoods and I don't feel that. I don't remember much. Just a few scattered memories from elementary school. I didn't have many friends. I don't really know why. I know I went to one school through 3rd grade. When my mother remarried and we moved to another city I started a new elementary school for 4th -6th grades.

I remember from my first school that I had a couple of friends (don't ask me their names) and that I was excited to get a certain teacher for 4th grade but we moved before I got that teacher (have no idea who that was now or if male or female or alien).

I remember my new school and the kids picking on me. I was a little chunky at that age and nobody really liked me. One big girl (at least I remember her bigger than me but who knows if she really was) tried to protect me but that didn't last through 6th grade. I am not sure how that fell to the wayside.

I do remember being able to jump rope really well. Even in my clogs.
Oh my clogs. I loved them more than anything. I was "grown" up and they had a high wedge heel. I wasn't allowed to get the ones that weren't a wedge. I wore them everywhere. They truly were the best thing ever!

What I remember most about my childhood is staying at my grandparents house. ALL THE TIME. I loved it there and those are really my fondest memories. My grandfather telling us we should make chocolate chip cookies and then leaving my grandmother and I to bake them. My grandmother gently rubbing my eyelids as I lay in the yellow daisy bedroom until I would fall asleep. Loving the velvety touch to the wallpaper in the dining room. Loving when my grandmother would vacuum the formal living room and the carpet would make stripes from the vacuum. Running around their house. Hiding in the crawl space in the basement. My grandmother telling anyone and everyone to leave me alone if I did something wrong. Truly being loved unconditionally by them. Sniff.Sniff.Sniff. Fighting back the tears as I write this because I miss her so much. Never really feeling that again after she passed away 14 years ago. Ok, I must get back to other childhood memories before I am crying my eyes out.

I remember going to the middle school and somehow making friends. I was never one of the popular girls but was able to get along with most cliques. I think part of my dorkness was that I was tall and developed ahead of other girls. Granted that all came to a screeching halt and I went from being one of the taller kids in the class to one of the shortest ones.

In middle school I had a "boyfriend" who wanted me to go to the dance. So we did and I was mortified at the time for the slow dance because he was shorter than I was. I hid in the bathroom until someone made me come out. That relationship only lasted 2 weeks. But we remained friends all the way through high school. Well, until he got a girlfriend that didn't like me being friends with him since we dated. I guess at that age the 2 weeks really counted. I still feel weird if I am taller than a man. Good thing my husband has 2 inches on me if he would only stand up straight.

I remember art class in junior high. I wasn't very good at it but I really liked the class. I also remember English class because of my teacher Mr. Fritch. I loved purple. It was my favorite color. His too. I sat in the front and was one of the best students in the class. I was always getting extra attention from him. By this time I was very thin and but probably still dorky. He used to use markers a lot and would get grape scented purple markers that he would always let me smell. I never thought it strange or weird. He was just my really cool teacher. And although extremely strange and weird to analyze now he will always be my cool teacher. As a side note, when we were in high school he ended up marrying a girl who was only a couple years older than me which we thought was scandalous at the time but not so much now.

At the time you don't think your teachers are only in their 20's. Most weren't but there were some young ones. Like the basketball coach. He was dreamy. He even asked me to play but I was too chicken. Plus the whole being short thing by then.

I was relatively a good kid. I didn't get into too much trouble. But I did start to drink alcohol in high school. Ok. Not IN high school but during my high school years. We would get drunk before dances at the local boys high school. We would sneak out at night to hang out at Dominos. Until my dad ended up getting a job there. Then there went that fun spot to flirt with the cute guy who worked at night. The local gang type guys looked out for me on the strip (a main road near my house where they hung out). I liked one of them and he took good care of me and wouldn't let me around anything bad. So even though they had a bad reputation I never really saw it. I had a crush on him but I think he knew better than to go there with me.

I did cut classes in high school quite a bit in my junior an senior year. The dynamics in my school changed drastically from my freshman year to the time I graduated and I just couldn't stand to be there. My dad got me out of detention once which was very cool of him. Saying he knew I wasn't going to be in class.

I basically hung out with the same set of friends, 1 girl and about 4 boys. Elaina and I were best friends through junior high and high school. But after that we kind of drifted apart. She had separate friends from the restaurant she worked at and I had mine from working at McDonalds. Our mothers were then best friends for many years after that. They probably still keep in touch. We both had serious boyfriends in high school. She was the first to "lose IT". I was so jealous. I was 17 when that happened and it was with my boyfriend of 2 years. He was a year older than I was and after I graduated he broke up with me. Although I don't blame him. I would have too. I was a flirt and had a couple of harmless kisses with others. It was for the best. I often wonder what happened to Bob. People thought I went out with him for his car because he wasn't the best looking guy. He had my all time favorite car in the world. A 65 mustang. It was a great car. But he was sweet and nice to me and I needed that. I hope he is well, married, and loving life. As a funny side note, his parents once caught us in the act. Boy was that embarrassing....

I don't remember being cold or hot on any day. I do remember walking to a school dance at the boys high school in just a pair of flats through the snow and thinking that wasn't bad at all. I was popular with the boys there. Partly because I worked with many of them but also because I used to be fun back then. I would just have fun. No pressure for anyone. Just hanging out dancing, talking, laughing, and who knows what else.

I tried to go to a local college after I graduated but that ended after a couple of quarters since I was also trying to work full time and just didn't have time. I still believe if I had been allowed to go away to college I would have finished. I wish I would have finished. But oh well. Sometimes I think it would be nice to get my degree now but in reality I know I don't have the desire to put in the necessary time at this point in my life. I would just want to be home with my daughter.

I wonder who was this salad eating, working out, loving life-(sort of) girl who knew how to have fun and was fun to be around. Who knew how to win at any water fight. Who could outrun the boys chasing her. Whose little sister always wanted to hang around and thought she was cool. Maybe she was cool at the time.

Where did she go?

Tuesday, August 22

Thank Goodness for Tivo

As the fall is fast approaching so is the new TV lineup. Yes we are a house with a TV on constantly. Even if no one is watching. But we do love our TV shows.

If it weren't for my husband's wonderful birthday gift he received a couple of years ago we would never be able to watch them all. But due to our wonderful Tivo we are able to record all sorts of things. Sometimes it will even record things it thinks we will like. Not always right but you never know what will be there by the Tivo brain.

Last night was the season premiere of Prison Break. It comes on at 8:00 which is not a good time for us as this is not a child friendly show and Jaclyn's bedtime isn't until 8:30-9:00. So we let it record and watch it after she is in bed. Yay for us!! Of course the show was awesome. It had a shocker moment that people weren't ready for. Got me all pumped up for me to lay in bed forever before being able to fall asleep. I loved every minute of it!

Last year this was how our nights were filled with TV: Prison Break, 24, Road Rules Challenge, House, Veronica Mars, The OC, ER, The Apprentice, Lost, Survivor, Rock Star, American Idol, Grey's Anatomy, and I am sure there were others.

Too many, I know. But great entertainment. Granted I usually watch something in the mornings as I am getting ready for work and sometimes on the weekends but they are usually worth it.

Ok. I will admit it.

Our house is full of TV junkies.

On the Lasik front, still no decision. My husband wasn't satisfied with the list I made and never looked at the checkbook. He claims he will look at the stuff today so we can decide. I told him I need to know since there is prep work I need to do starting this evening plus 2 prescriptions I need to get. UGH.

Monday, August 21

I Am Freaking.....

I am really freaking out today. I feel so nervous it is ridiculous.

I am terrified that my husband will put his stamp of approval on me getting Lasik surgery on Friday. It is costly and will increase our monthly bills. But if he doesn't agree than I need to order new contacts and get these glasses off of my face. BUT if he does agree than I need to muster up enough courage to go through with it. And that has me shaking in my boots or rather my sandals. I have to show him a copy of all of our bills and run through that whole mess. That also makes me nervous. Not that there is anything he can't see but I always feel like I am in an inquisition when he wants to look at the checkbook and bills.

Also adding to that is my excitement about Prison Breakk being back on the air tonight. I love that show!!! And that makes me nervous. And when that comes on after 24 then I can't get to sleep. I love it!

Are there any shows you are addicted to?

For me there are too many to list. Sad I know. But true.

Friday, August 18

Help Me Understand

I have been sitting on this info all week. I am not sure what to say. I just don't understand how these things happen. Or why.

In my family I have 2 younger sisters. There is the middle girl, M, who I love to death and is my best friend and sister. I talk to her just about every day. We work for the same company and I would do anything for her. She is the one I pray will become pregnant and soon.

Then there is the "other one", S. She just had a birthday on the 14th. She turned 25. So M sucked it up and called her and found out that she is 3 months pregnant and how that makes her birthday suck because she can't even enjoy it. (Keep in mind she is smoking as she is talking) Also she is now living with our mother in a trailer home (not that there is anything wrong with that but it is small). Oh and did I mention this will be her 4th child. Not to mention the other pregnancies she terminated (of which I have lost track). Many people who don't really know M or I would think that our issue is the fact that the father of all of these children is black and we are not. However, we could care less about that. Our issue with S is her total lack of responsibility and the way she chooses to live her life.

It is so frustrating for us to feel for her when she had lied to us, stolen from us, and on and on. I don't want Jaclyn associating with these cousins of hers because they are such bad examples to her. I do feel bad on some levels that these poor kids are going to have a somewhat crappy life and will really need to have strong will to overcome the obstacles that their parents have made for them. But I don't go out of my way to see them. I know shame on me but I can't help it.

There is so much bad history between S and I that I refuse to be led down that path of worry again. I went through a period that I ended up having chest pains from stress over trying to take care of the family. I had to break away for my own health. My poor grandfather pays her rent and any other bills-monthly. Neither S nor her man (of which I only know his "street" name) work. Neither cares if they have the kids around them or not. I think they would both be happy if they could do as they pleased and party as they would like. S has supposedly kicked him out and that is why she is back living with my mother. But she is old enough to take some responsibility for herself and stop mooching off of everyone.

My mother thinks M and I need to forgive S and believe that she is trying to make things better and get a job and blah blah blah. But then she announces she is pregnant and it is the same old shit. What is really sad is that now she is my mother's golden child while M and I are on the bad child list. Whatever.

What I really need to understand is how in the world people who would do anything to get pregnant can't yet there are people like my sister, S, who disregard what a precious gift that is.

Wednesday, August 16


Sometimes I lack the patience necessary to deal with the attitude my daughter can sometimes have.

Last night was one of those days. I knew she had already gotten into trouble during the day for lying. Plus it was full moon-ish and for some reason that affects her as well.

So it is finally bed time and she goes potty and we are getting ready to brush her teeth. She is dilly dallying rinsing her hands and I am tired of telling her to just rinse them already.


I splash a little water in her face.

She gets a bigger attitude. She is all, " Uh. Why did you splash me! " and then taking off her glasses, "You made them worbelly!"

I look at her and bust a gut laughing.

She tries her best to keep her attitude face for about 30 seconds and then she starts laughing also. I tell her that is not even a word.

We finish in the bathroom, get her a drink of water, lipstick (lip balm), and head off to bed. She even went to sleep relatively quickly.

Monday, August 14

Help or Not So Much

Let me set the stage....

It is spaghetti for dinner and I cook. I make the sauce in one pot. Brown the ground meat in a pan and then add to sauce pot (minus the grease). Boil water and cook noodles in another pot. Drain noodles in strainer.

We eat. So that is 3 bowls (yes we are a bit strange and eat our spaghetti out of a bowl instead of a plate), 3 forks, 3 glasses, 2 pots, 1 pan, 1 strainer, 2 serving spoons, and other misc. dishes in the sink. Oh I almost forgot about the rolls I made so that adds another knife and cookie sheet. Not to mention having to wipe off the stove and wash the spoon holder from the stove.


I go into the kitchen to start to clean up. I hate washing dishes after spaghetti night. We do not have a dish washer so everything is done by hand. Which on most days is ok. Anyway into the kitchen I go. I put the sauce in a bowl for leftovers and begin to wash the dishes.

I notice my husband washed his bowl and fork.

BUT LEFT EVERYTHING ELSE. He even had to wash these around the strainer and pot in the sink from the noodles. He has done this on several occasions.

I laugh the I can't believe this is happening again laugh. He wonders what I am laughing at. So I proceed to say, "You washed your bowl?"

He replies, "yeah, I know how you hate to wash spaghetti dishes."

I then proceed to let him know that by washing only his bowl he is not helping me at all. It is not really the dishes we eat on that I hate to wash. That I really hate the pots and pans.

Can anyone guess what he said next?????

Yep, him, "Ok, then I won't do it anymore."

Me, "UGH"

So I pose this question, was it really a help or not?

Also does anyone have anything that your significant other does that thinks they are helping but really just annoys you????

Friday, August 11

Why oh why can't I win the lottery....

I am feeling kind of sad today. I would so love to be able to be a SAHM but sadly that is just not in the cards for me.

If you are easily offended by the debate of Working Moms vs. SAHM then continue reading at your own risk. I do not mean to offend. It is simply how I feel.

I often wonder about the work from home advertisements you see. I know most are scams but how do you weed those out? How wonderful it would be to find a legitimate job that allows it's employees to work from home. My employer has a few of those positions but it is scary to me to take that risk. Most of the people I know that have taken those positions in a claims processing department are now no longer with the company. A risk I can't afford to make.

I also often wonder how many people feel as I do. I am often jealous of the SAHM's out there. When home on a vacation day and running errands you see these other mom's out with their kids. I make assumptions they don't work which they could be doing of me also when at a store or park or wherever during the day during the week. I don't judge them just envy them.
It is always hard for me to be supportive of a SAHM who complains about it. I know in my head that with everything there are frustrations and challenges so why would being a SAHM be any different. But in my heart I feel like I would give anything to have those problems. I try my best to listen and be supportive because I know my jealousy is not their fault.

I am just so much happier and at peace when I know I don't have to work. Please don't get me wrong, I am very grateful to have a job. I just wish I had the choice of working or not.

Lasik Surgery

Anyone ever done this?

It scares me to death. I have put off even considering it for a few years.


This year my contacts have been making me crazy! Wearing glasses is not really an option I am happy with. So I suddenly decided to make an appointment. I go on 8/19 for my free consultation. The worst part is that I need to take my contacts out for 5 days prior. So that will be a hard week.

The biggest stumbling block is the cost. This is not covered by my insurance so it will be completely out of my pocket. This may mean the difference between whether or not I follow through with this.


If it is possible. And it is successful. And I don't need to wear contacts or glasses.

I don't know what I would do with myself. To be able to wake up, swim, or do anything in my daily life and be able to see clearly without eye irritation would be simply marvelous.

So wish me luck that I would only need one of the less expensive lasers and that I am a good candidate....

Thursday, August 10

Home Body

I am such a home body. I don't really like to go out and do things. After work I like to do what I have to and then just stay home.

So last night was a challenge. My husband won tickets to the Train concert. I came home from work, took Jaclyn to her swimming lesson, and then hurried back home again to eat and get ready to leave in 30 minutes. My mother in law came over to watch Jaclyn and off we were.

I was not thrilled to be going. I love the band and their music. I just didn't want to stay out late on a work night and blah blah blah.


Once we were there it was wonderful. The stage is set on the river bank and they have made such huge improvements from the last time I was there to the whole area. It was a beautiful backdrop!

The opening band was Toby Light(something) and she was pretty good but I was just counting down until Train would begin. It was about 9:15 when they took the stage and needless to say I was yawning. I am such a lightweight. But that is a whole other post.

Anyway, they come out and Pat Monahan starts to sing. And his voice is awesome! He was so personable and friendly. You could understand his words. During She's On Fire he pulled 4 girls/women on stage. One was a little girl and he made her the star of this part. He wanted them to sing the chorus "She's on Fire" and centered the little girl in front of the mic. Later, he said there was a woman he wanted to get to know a little better and had her come on stage and sit next to him at the edge. He was sweet about it and she was a "real" woman and not a skanky groupie. She looked genuinely embarrassed and he was great with the whole bit. He had tons of audience participation with singing and what not.

I am happy I went and it was truly a Great Concert!!

Tuesday, August 8

What We Did On Our Summer Vacation

We were on vacation last week. We didn't go anywhere but were very busy. Each day I did a little more to clean out our basement but I didn't want it to rule the week. I wanted to do something fun with my daughter each and every day.

So here is what our week consisted of:

Monday: We went to feed the carp at the spillway at Pymatuning. It wasn't as good as it usually is since we were not able to get enough old bread to throw and then to boot it was closed. So we made the best of it and parked down the road a bit and walked to the other side. Jaclyn was just as happy as if the normal area had been open. Plus due to the good nature of other people that were there they gave us an additional 5 or 6 loaves of bread. That was very nice of them and completely surprising. I try to believe in the good in people but it still takes me by surprise when someone does something purely to be nice. So THANK YOU mysterious people who gave so kindly of your bread!

Tuesday: Jaclyn and I spent the day at a special pool in a neighboring city. She picked which one she wanted to go to and we stayed from 1:00 - 7:00pm. We had tons of fun swimming and sunning. They had slides and a sprinkler area in the kids pool. Plus we went to the big pool to do some real swimming and jumping.

Wednesday: We went to Geauga Lake. It was still hotter than hot but it was great since we spent most of the time in the waterpark side. We went in the wave pool (Which is so much better than the original wave pool. Now it keeps giving waves for awhile then it stops for awhile and then starts again. You get the picture, don't you?), went down the slides, and swam around. Jaclyn surprised us by going down the tube slides and another one that was a little bigger than she was willing to do before. We went to see if she wanted to ride some rides in the kids area but she wasn't too interested. She did do the adult version of the log ride. I know. Go figure. A water ride. But it was her first real roller coaster type ride. We warned her that there was a little hill but then we would go up a big hill and then all the way down. She was a little scared but said she loved it. She was surprised she got splashed at the end but was still ok with it. She even wanted to do it again right away. We convinced her we would stop back on our way back to the waterpark side after she rode some kiddie rides. Well she only wanted to ride one after she decided it went too high. We were even with her. She is so a girl after my own heart. But she did take me for a drive on the old cars. She was in front and I was in back. It was pretty funny. She then decided she didn't want to ride the log ride again but just go back to the waterpark. So we did. We stayed until it closed at 8:00pm. She fell asleep on the way home and I felt so bad having to wake her to go potty and put on her pj's.

But the funniest part of the whole day was while I was going to get food. Jay wanted a burger so he got a table with Jaclyn still in her stroller. I brought him his food and went to get drinks and something for Jaclyn and I. She didn't really want anything other than ice cream and I didn't either since it was soooooooo hot. So I decided what the hell and got her some dippin dots ice cream. When I get back to the table she is hiding in her stroller under the hood part. She won't tell Jay what she said. So I get her to tell me what she said about the ducks that were walking around. She is whispering in my ear and I have to keep asking her to say it again since it was so quiet. Finally I hear' " I said big ass feet". Oh my goodness. She apparently saw the duck in front of her and told Jay that the duck has big ass feet. Then realized what she said was a bad word and clammed up. It still cracks me up. Needless to say she did not get into trouble but was told that I was happy she told me what she said but to not say that again as it is a bad word. Soooooooooooo veeeerrrrrry Fuuuunnnnnyyyy!!!!!

Thursday: It was supposed to rain a bit so we went to see the movie Cars. We went to the matinee. And I was thinking it would only cost a total with popcorn and drinks for the 3 of us about $20-$25 max. Boy was I wrong. It cost us $18.75 just to get in and then another $14.50 for 1 popcorn and 2 drinks. As you can tell I don't go to the movies much. Only the $1.50 show on occasion. I won't be doing that again. Of course unless it is a really good movie that I just can't wait to see. But that doesn't happen too often.

Friday: We just hung out during the day. We had to drive to the other side of town to pick up Train concert tickets that my husband won from the radio station. But in the evening we went to see the Browns practice at their stadium during their family fun night. Jaclyn was fairly bored during the practice but was happy to eat. She wanted a hotdog, popcorn, lemonade, ice cream, and who knows what else. What she got was a hotdog (surprisingly priced for the evening at just $1), lemonade we shared, and ice cream. Of course she managed to get ice cream on the end of her ponytail which then got it all over the back of her shirt. This was the first time she wore this shirt and I can't get the chocolate ice cream out.

Anyone have a good solution for getting chocolate ice cream stains out of a shirt??

Saturday: We mostly hung out around the house and swam in the little pool in our backyard. John, Lauri, and Olivia came over in the afternoon for a little swimming fun and to play on our new swingset. It was great having them over. Jaclyn and Olivia are so cute together. At one point Olivia sat on Jaclyn's little lap to go down the slide and then that was the only way she would go down.

Sunday: Reality starts to set in so I start to get stuff together for the upcoming week. UGH>
But we did go to my sister-in-laws house to swim in their pool for the afternoon.

In a nutshell we had a great week!!!!
Too bad all weeks can't be like this...

I am grateful to have a job but I really hate working. I really really need to win the lottery.

My Basement

Well, my basement flooded about ankle deep throughout most of it during the flood of 7/27/06. It was and is a mess. We have been working daily to clean it out. Disinfect. Replace. and Repair.

It didn't help that after the flood waters receded the temperatures were high, hot and humid. So we really had to get a huge chunk of the cleanup done right away.

The worst part is that we did not have any insurance coverage for any of the items we needed to throw away. Thankfully, we did not lose our washer, dryer, full freezer, refrigerator, furnace, or hot water tank. We also were able to save the couches that were down there.

We did throw away a huge metal cabinet, wood bookshelf, old grade school papers, carpeting, and much more.

But again I am thankful that the major appliances were ok. We did have to buy a dehumidifier and it is amazing how much moisture is still down there. But we were lucky we had a basement that flooded and had sewer backup and not our main floor. We are lucky we did not need to be rescued from our rooftop. In the end we really were very lucky.