Tuesday, February 26

Just a Quick Post

I equally thought this was funny and upsetting.

Conversation with Belle after shopping at the Children's Place Outlet on Saturday.

Let me first set the scene. I am carrying a large bag stuffed with clothes to the car. The bulk of which are for her even though I did buy an outfit for my niece to put away for her birthday in July. I am trying to get Belle in the car and then put the bag in the trunk.

Belle, "Daddy is going to say oh shit."

Me, "What did you just say?"

Belle, "Daddy is going to say oh shit."

Me, "What???"\

Belle, " Daddy is going to say oh shit you spent too much money."

Me, thinking, "He better not because I work and make money also and grrrrrr that she would even think such a thing let alone say it out loud."

What I actually said was, "I didn't spend that much so he can't say anything at all."


Lauri said...

Funny & Cute

Tricia said...

I'm discovering that a six year old is smarter than me.

katydidnot said...

very smart. but did he? say oh shit?