Friday, June 29

Friday Funny


Either I am in a weird mood or these are just way way too funny...

I couldn't figure out how to link them here since they were .wmv files but they were under trunkmonkey.

I will have to see if I can find a way to link it because they are just so funny. bwah ha ha ha ha ha

Anyway that doesn't make any sense if you don't see trunkmonkeychaperone.

Thursday, June 28

Where Did My Baby Go

My girl is growing up so very fast. She can amaze me every single day.

What is making me a bit sad today is the fact that for the past 4 nights she didn't ask for her story and song when she was going to bed.

Every night since she was an infant I would read her this story and sing her this song and if I didn't she would ask me to. Sometimes I would just try to say goodnight after laying with her in her bed for a few minutes and get up to go. She would always catch me.

This past week she wanted to fall asleep in my bed on Sunday and Monday. When she does that she really doesn't look for her story and song. Sometimes she does but mostly not.

So I thought for sure she would want it on Tuesday when I told her she had to go in her bed. But she was also getting into a wee bit of trouble so I didn't lay down with her. She still didn't ask for it.

OK. Last night she would definitely want her story and song. I lied down next to her. We talked like we usually do. She was holding onto my head so I couldn't get up but no requests other than she didn't want me to go.

I left her to fall asleep and said, "Goodnight, I love you!" which is what I make sure is the last thing she hears before she falls asleep but still no story or song.

So I will read you the little story that I know by heart. It comes from one of the thick and small square board books.

Story: Belle lives in a small village. She loves to read.
Belle finds an old castle in the forest.
Belle makes new friends at the castle.
The Beast lives at the castle too. He thinks Belle is beautiful.
Belle falls in love with the Beast and he becomes a handsome prince.
The End

This story is always immediately followed by the song.

Song: I love you, bushel and a peck. Bushel and a peck.
And a hug around the neck. A hug around the neck.
And a barrel and a heap. A barrel and a heap
And I'm singing in my sleep, I love you.
I love you!

Yes we changed the words a tiny bit but it sounds the same.

Are you all sleepy now? I know I am. I just should have stayed in bed....

Tuesday, June 26

Pleated Tote

Thanks to Beki at artsycraftybabe I got to make a cool pleated tote bag. Mine is in no way as cute at hers.

I picked the fabric and cut it out according to her pattern.

It went pretty smoothly. The only mishaps were my own fault for not fully thinking about what I was doing.

It came out pretty good. I wasn't happy with the thread I used because it looked a bit wonky on the underside but other than that I was pretty happy with it. I used one of my grandmothers vintage buttons also.

Belle gave it to her dance teacher on Sunday. She seemed to like it. I hope she did and that she will actually use it.

Monday, June 25

The Roof

It is finally all said and done.

We had some major drama with the roofing company last week.

They came out to the house on Monday and spent 13 hours there. When they left they had only put the roof on our house. They still had to put up the gutters and put the shingles on our garage. Keep in mind my house is not very big. There was a lot of standing around. But whatever, I wasn't paying them by the hour.

Monday evening before they left one of the guys talked to us and said how they would be back in the morning to finish up. We pointed out some wires that were pulled from the house and the clip used to hold them to the house was broken. He said he would fix the wires after they put up the gutters. OK.

We go to work as usual on Tuesday. I started to get really worried because we were expecting some heavy thunderstorms Tuesday afternoon and evening and if our gutters were not put on then we would be facing some issues with water in our basement. We had also told this to the guy Monday night that we really needed those gutters up before it rained. We didn't hear anything from them during the day on Tuesday at all. My mother in law drove past around 2pm and said that there was nobody there and it looked like our gutters were up in the front but she didn't see the back or the garage.

Next thing I know we get a phone call message around 4:30 Tuesday evening from the roofing company saying that it should all be done and if we could call the office to set up for final payment. Their office is only open until 5pm and I didn't get to call them back before then. They proceeded to call my cell phone a total 10 times (only the first call left a message) and once on my home phone up until 8pm. They also came to our house to collect.

Wednesday morning I called their office and of course got their voice mail and left a somewhat nasty message stating that I did not appreciate them harassing me and they are not to keep calling my phone. The wire isn't even fixed. Plus I will be mailing the payment to them. That I do not want them coming to my house. In the mean time I thought about the inspector from our city. So I call the city and they say they haven't even been called by the roofing company to come and inspect the final work. They can't take it from me-that the call has to come from the company. Now I get a mean voice message from the roofers and they sound pissed at me and just tell me to call them back.

Keep in mind that I take phone calls at work and can't always answer an incoming phone call. I end up getting another message from the roofers stating that the contract states final payment due day of completion and they talked to their attorney and if we do not pay them that night I can expect a call from their attorney the next day.

Now I am so pissed my whole face is red. I go home at lunch and get the contract in front of me so that I can see the actual language. I finally get a chance at work to call them back around 3:30pm and I end up in a shouting match with the owner who happens to be the same guy who talked to us at the house on Monday night. What the hell. He basically just keeps telling me that he wants his money and he doesn't work like this and we didn't deserve to have him as our roofer, etc. I try to point out that all we asked for was to be able to make sure all of the work was done as it was supposed to be done because we don't have a high level of confidence in them due to the issues just trying to get them out to do the work. I told him it was against a federal law to call someone like they were doing and to make false accusations and threats. He didn't want to believe me. He ended up hanging up on me but not before he threatened to come to our house to collect his money with the sheriff.

I called the city back again after about 20 minutes since he claimed he could call right away and get the inspector there that same day. The lady in our city building office was so nice and said that they still hadn't called it in and it doesn't work that way. There was no way the inspector would be able to get to our house that evening.

I go home fully expecting him to show up at our house or do something. He was acting a bit scary.

Nothing happened that night at all.

I had decided the ball was in their court and I wasn't going to call them. But my husband wanted me to big the better person. Whatever. But I did call around 11:30am on Thursday. The lady that was arguing with me and calling me had a different sound to her voice. She still didn't believe their guys broke the wire clip but said if they get the inspector their and all is signed off on and they fix the clip by the next day (Friday) could they pick up their check Friday evening. I told her I actually have a picture of the house before the work and can prove the clip was broken if she needs it but she ignored that fact. I also told her that if they get it signed off on by the city inspector and fix the wire that yes we could make arrangements.

The inspector came Thursday evening while we were at Belle's swimming lessons. My husband said he was told they did a good job. So Friday morning came around and around noon I received a phone message stating the wire was fixed. I had to leave early that day so when I got home we looked it over and it looks fine.

I called and left a message stating we would not be home and the check would be on our back door if they wanted to pick it up but that I wanted something stating they received it and that it was paid in full. They left us another message stating that they will copy the contract and mark the info on their and thank you.

Wow a thank you at the end of it all. All we wanted was to make sure it was all completed as it should have been. Once we got that we paid the balance. I hope we don't have any issues that we need to call them out for in the future under the warranty.

But the roof is done. Thank goodness....

before (note the wires)
after (again note wire lines)

now everyone can sigh thanking the powers that be that you don't have to hear about it anymore.

Thursday, June 21

Yay Me and So Sorry

Last week I won a prize. Me. I never win anything.

A very talented, Greta, was giving away some scrap booking supplies just for de-lurking. Technically I was no longer a lurker on her site but I won anyway.

How cool is that.

The package arrived on Monday. And all I have to say is she has totally outdone herself. This box was chock full of all sorts of goodies.

I promptly laid it all out and took a picture (with my cell phone since that was the only camera around). The picture totally does not show just how beautiful it all was.

Look what she sent.

I can't wait to use everything. Now if I would just finish getting all of my pictures edited and printed I would be in good shape.

Sorry it took me this long to post my gratuitous post, Greta. Sadly I have been having big issues with our roofing contractor.

Tuesday, June 19

Too Soon

I spoke too soon yesterday.

I should have known better.
I got home a little after 4pm and the roof wasn't even half way done.

It was all torn off but not too much was put back on.

They were there since 6:50am.

What in the hell were they doing all day.

Yes it was hot. Yes they needed to take breaks. But it looked like they were mostly standing around.

They got more shingles up after we were home than before. It was so hot yesterday that you would think they would have wanted to get it done so that they could get out of the heat.

There was one guy you reminded me of Jar Jar Binks.
He just kept walking around doing nothing but driving me crazy.

We now have no gutters on our house but the shingles are done on the house itself. They need to come back today to put on the gutters and put the shingles on the garage.
All I have to say is that they damn well better get those gutters on my house so that my basement doesn't flood from water coming through the walls since we are supposed to get major storms later today. They better be on first thing this morning. They better be doing it right now.
They better.....

Monday, June 18


I am almost afraid to post this.

But as we speak my roof should be at least 3/4 of the way done.

Don't say it too loud since they may want to leave my house since it is a toasty and humid 90 degrees today.

But they did take it upon themselves to take water from our hose during the day. My MIL caught them hooking it up when she went to pick up my dog. That really ticks me off though.

It would have been one thing if they would have said that the guys may good water from the hose if that is ok but the fact that it was like they were sneaking it really bugs me. It could be because of all of the grief we have had trying to get them there but still.

Add that to the fact that I am not quite sure where my girl is and who she is with today puts me on edge. My SIL normally watches her but calls me Saturday night to say that she wants to go to a funeral on Monday and that she has one of my niece's friends watching her kids and what did I want to do with Belle. WTF! Well let's see. I just took Friday off. My roof is getting done on Monday so I can't be in the house and my MIL is taking my dog to her house and can't come to our house to watch Belle. Gee I think I will be bringing her over for Morgan to watch her. And to top that off SIL says I need to pay Morgan. Hmmmm-don't I pay you? Shouldn't you pay her? Anyway I put $10 in Belle's bag but I wasn't going to pay top dollar. Morgan isn't looking for a certain amount and I have no idea what the going rate is but she isn't solely watching my child. She is watching Belle plus 2 of my SIL's kids (one of which old enough to babysit on her own so she will probably really be helping) and then the bratty nephew on the other side of the family. I hate to say that about any child but this one is beyond anything I have ever seen first hand. He will be 4 in November and will still smack his mom so hard across the face that you gasp. To that I say hell no.'t.

Anyway, once again a kind of crappy but good Monday. Swimming lessons begin tonight so the crazy busy summer begins.

Thursday, June 14

What a Rush

I just won an item on Ebbay.

I was ready with my bid in one browser window and I was watching it in another.



refresh like crazy.

Ok. Only a few seconds left. Place bid.

High bidder.

Yippee I won.

**how fun was that**

Wednesday, June 13

This Week

For some reason this week has been getting to me. I am worried about so many things that probably don't need to be worried about.

My allergies have been going crazy and well I just want to get past this.....

Monday, June 11

Monday Morning Blues

The weather this past weekend was so nice. Perfect even. It was sunny. Warm. and Breezy. Just how I like it. No humidity and not really hot.

Sadly Saturday I didn't get to spend too much time outside, though. But I made up for it on Sunday. I even pulled some weeds.

Me-gardening. That is just unheard of. I hate to weed. I will tolerate planting but then I just want everything to grow beautifully. I think the reason I hate it so much is that is seems to be a never ending project in the summer heat with dirty nasty bugs around.

Anyway, we played with the plants a bit. We had lunch on the patio. Belle played on her swing set after we removed the extremely large spider webs covering it. Why can't the spiders just stick to the stuff made in nature and leave our outside toys alone. Is that too much to ask!

But the big news is that Belle rode her bike almost the whole length of our driveway (which is a decent size) with NO training wheels and NO help. She only stopped because I grabbed the handle bars and pulled her to stop(fall) before she headed straight into the street. She got one small wound on her knee which was pretty good considering she was trying to do this with legs exposed.

She did have a melt down of I can't do this and so on. In my head I was thinking I need to make sure I boost her up because this is one of those lasting moments that can shape her future. She was very frustrated and just was sitting on the ground with her head in her lap half pouting and half crying as her bike lay on the ground next to her. She just kept saying she couldn't do and that she quits. I had her get up and come onto the patio chairs with me. She sat in my lap and I hugged her and asked her if she really wanted to quit. She said no but that she couldn't do it. I reminded her of how she has been trying for a long time to snap her fingers and how if she had quit a long time ago she wouldn't be able to do it today. I told her that to learn something new is hard and can be very frustrating but if she keeps practicing she will get it very soon. I reminded her how well she did riding down the driveway. She seemed to be OK by the time we were done talking but I could also tell she was tired which I know contributed to the melt down. Shortly after a little more on the swing set we went inside for some down time.

Of course I had to take her picture pouting which only made her hide a bit more but that was only before our talk.

Friday, June 8


Man-they lost! But they will win game 2. They have to.

My sister-in-law watches Belle during the day. This has been a good arrangement for us since she was 9 months old and my mom decided she wasn't going to watch her anymore. We pay my SIL (I think pretty well) the same amount every pay check whether she actually watches her or not so that they don't get stuck financially. My SIL really makes out on this deal.

Now I know my girl can be challenging sometimes but really I think she is a pretty good kid. But put her with my SIL's nephew from her side of the family (who is 3) and it is a different story. I think part of it is that Belle likes things to be just so and they should be fair. She likes to get first pick of the toys and so on. Belle doesn't back down when pushed (figuratively or literally) so that creates arguments.

But this little boy is something else. He is unlike any child I have ever heard of or seen. He is truly bad. He knows he is being bad. He is very hyperactive and is just plain crazy. I don't like to say stuff like that about a child. Especially someone else's but this kid......

For example, a very mild example, is while I was just on the phone with SIL I hear him say in the background "I'm gonna kill you". He said this to Belle. SIL makes him apologize and 5 minutes later while I am still on the phone he says it to her again. In my mind I am thinking go get him Belle. Don't take that. But I can't teach her that because I don't want her fighting. But he has been known to hit her across the head with a toy among other physical abuses. He gets in trouble but he really doesn't care. Take something away from him and he truly doesn't care.

I am grateful she is a strong girl who sticks up for herself. But I fear the fights I am going to hear about from school. Maybe not physical fights but verbal.

Add to all of this my husband calls to say he is getting off of work early and he has an attitude. Let's just say a bad attitude. Greeeaaatttt. By the time I get home from work both him and Belle should be good and crabby since he doesn't know how to effectively deal with her sometimes and she is opinionated. I just want to go home to get them separated before they can fight.

Maybe I better stop at the store first and get myself a bell to ring to signal the end of each round.

Wednesday, June 6


I am so tired lately. It is a combination of late night basketball game viewing. Go Team!! (how do you like my super secret team I am rooting for-if you tried really hard you could figure it out but in the interest of safety I won't say it here but I am crazy excited since they are my favorite sport) Plus, just plain old tired.

I need to clean my house.

I need to do things outside.

I need to do my crafty things.

I need to edit my pictures so I can get them off of my camera and actually order prints for my scrapbooks.

I need to edit my videos so my video camera doesn't fill up.

I need to organize better.

I need to eat and exercise better.

I need to get rid of junk lying around the house.

And the list goes on and on. And all I feel like doing is exactly nothing. It has been making me a bad mommy. I don't feel like playing. I don't feel like dancing. I don't feel like going anywhere. I hate that.

Plus I have been just feeling plain old Old. I am sure it has to do with the fact that my niece graduated from high school this past week and just remembering those days of mine. Thinking back to the person I used to be and wondering what happened to her. I used to be fun. I try to be fun now but I don't think I really know how to have fun. Especially with other grown ups. I am fun to Belle but that is about it. And.I.don't.know.why.

Tuesday, June 5


How I wish I understood all that is computer and programming.

I have a hard drive camcorder. I love it except for a few small things.

Mainly, though, it is hard for me to create the dvd's I want to burn. I don't know how to fade in and out from one scene to the next. Let alone add titles and music.

I think I need to get a good burning/dvd creation software. One that will let me easily copy other dvd's and create a new one with all of the cool editing in between.

Anyone have any programs you can recommend?

Monday, June 4


We need a new TV. We have had our current one for about 8 years.

It blinks a million and one times when you turn it on. Eventually it evens itself out but it takes awhile.

Now once it is turned on it stays on until we go to bed at least on the weekends. During the week we turn it on in the mornings and then again when we get home from work unless someone is there during the day.

What happened to the days when you would have the same TV for 20 years. Or any appliance.

So we have to start researching what is out there. And they are soooooo expensive. It is kind of pointless to get a regular TV at about $600 when you can spend a couple hundred more for a flat panel HD.

But do you get LCD or plasma. And what brand do you get. Are the no name brands just as good? And so on and so on go my questions.

Anyone have any advice? Sadly fixing it is out of the question.

Friday, June 1

So Very Sleepy

I can't begin to tell you how very sleepy I am.

And my reason.


Watching basketball games until late. Very late. Very much past my bedtime.

Twice this week I went to bed around 12:30am and I get up at 5:00am for work.

What have I been thinking.

But I can't.stop.watching.

All I can say today is (well besides the fact that my roof isn't being done today but I at least know that going in which is a change)