Tuesday, February 24

Tooth Fairy take 2

Well it looks like the Tooth Fairy is due for another visit in the next couple of days.

She better find her stash of gold coins and fast....

Wednesday, February 18

Tooth Fairy

The whole tooth fairy thing is a bit annoying to me.

Not because it costs money or because I have a terrible memory.

But because it is so inconsistent.

Every one gets something different.

I know someone whose child gets $20 for every single lost tooth. Hell I might just start pulling my own teeth for that.

And now that Belle is full force in school talk she knows things. She hears things like Ethan got $3 from the tooth fairy for his tooth.

Of course I asked if he got paper dollar bills and she told me, "In fact he did".

Funny girl...

Around our parts the tooth fairy gave $5 for the very first tooth ever.

But for the last 2 teeth the tooth fairy gave $2 each. The most recent tooth was lost on Monday after her father picked her up and Belle claims put her knee into her mouth. :-) Of course it wasn't just dangling there already...

Now these were not of the paper money variety but a special type of currency.

The gold dollar coin. Very special indeed.

As much as Belle loves her gold money I think she thinks she is getting ripped off.

Come on Tooth Fairy. Please set some limits - publicly.

Friday, February 13


The weather around here has been very strange.

Yesterday morning for example was windy.

And when I say windy I mean please don't blow our roof off Mr. Wind.

It was so loud and blowing so hard I was seriously concerned we were going to have some major roof damage.

As it turns out we did have some damage that will end up being a huge hassle to fix but well just take a look...

Those are 2 different sections of our fence. The main problem is if we can't figure out how to repair these parts then it would need to be replaced and the city no longer allows this type of fence. Grrrrrr

Monday, February 9

Eat Cake

Over the past few years I have been dabbling (is that even a word) in cake decorating.

A little here.

A little there.

Well I finally decided to take a class.

After 1 class and my limited self taught abilities I did this...

I realize it is a crappy cell phone picture and a bit gaudy. Belle kept telling me to put more flowers on it.

Either way I am proud of my completely from scratch cake.

I have also been on a kick to find the best cake and frosting recipes. I am sick of the box and can stuff. Have any good recipes???

Wednesday, February 4

It's Official

I am so very over the snow.

And more snow...

And more snow...

It seems like every Wednesday we are getting walloped.

I have been patient and not really bothered by it. I don't mind the snow as long as I don't have to drive to work. But it keeps getting us during the work week. What is up with that!!

A typical 1/2 hour drive in to work this morning took me 1 1/2 hours. Grrrrrr
As you can see I finally started to be able to drive more than 5 mph. Ahh the open road.