Wednesday, November 28

So Sucks

I am really bummed for my sister. After her second IUI she is not pregnant. Then to add salt to the wounds she is not able to try again this month since her follicles are still enlarged.


I know she will try it one more time but then I think she is going to try to come to terms with the fact that she may never have a baby.

I wish I could just make this better for her. I wish I could just wish her pregnant. I guess if it were that easy she would have been pregnant a long time ago.

It is just hard because the doctors keep telling them that there is nothing physically wrong that is preventing her from getting pregnant. Yet it isn't working.

How do you know when to stop trying? How do you stop wondering? Again I wish I had the answers for her.


Lauri said...

I so feel her pain & your pain. For me.. I needed to try everything possible ( 2 IUI's & IVF) and then greived and moved on to adopting our amazing girl. I still greive not being able to get pregnant, it does not go away but it does get a little easier over time.

Hugs to you & your sister

Greta said...

my aunt was having a hard time gettig pregnant like 10 years and then she decided to give up and just "do it" for fun and got pregnant!!

deb said...

Oh, I have been here. It's a difficult and lonely road. She's very lucky she has you. We tried for 7 years (surgery, drugs, IUI) and am now finally pregnant (with twins) after only one cycle of IVF. It's so worth it all in the end.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Amy said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your sister. My heart aches for her.

In our case we always knew what our infertility problems were, but I can only imagine how frustrating it is when you have unexplained infertility. There are never any words to make it better and I never learned how to just "accept it" and move on, so I have no advice. But your sister is in my thoughts and prayers.