Thursday, November 19

New Moon

My bestest friend (who is not related to me) name dropped her brother-in-law (who is a catholic priest) to our local radio station to get passes to see an advanced screening for New Moon which was last night.

Wow that was a long sentence.

Anyway, I have been purposely not re-reading the books again so that this time I could not be as close to the book when I saw the movie. And I have to tell you I still knew what was or should happen when but it was ok this time. With Twilight the movie I was disappointed. I still love the movie from the sheer fact that I love the book but the movie wasn't nearly as good if you hadn't known the story.

But New Moon was sooooooooooooo much better. So much better.

I can't wait to see it again on Saturday when a bunch of us girls planned to go originally.

The only thing I can't stand is all of the screaming and talking to the screen from the audience. Really, can't we just watch and not feel the need to be loud???

Thursday, October 15

Help Wanted

It has been another long stretch before posting.

All is well with us and extremely busy.

I am preparing for a craft fair at my local community center on Saturday. It has been a long time since I have done one of these and I am a bit nervous no one will want anything I have. I figured what doesn't sell I will put up on my etsy site that is simply collecting cobwebs.

I would also like anyone who may read this to go to Maggie's site to vote for her for a blogging gig. She is an amazing writer who deserves this job. Please vote for her!!


Tuesday, September 22

OH boy....

I didn't do too well...

I got 67% correct. A D+.

How well can you do?

Tuesday, September 15

Life Stuff Time

I am still here. Sort of.

I am always thinking of something I should post about but rarely have the time to fully type out a post. Then I start to feel guilty because time goes by and by. It is hard to believe I have not posted anything on here for 3 months. 3 months is crazy long.

I may post more often but also may not. We will see how it goes.

I am reading other people's posts when I can so I am around. I hope everyone is doing just fine. We are which I am really grateful for.

I have made a few more cakes and am getting ready for 2 more this weekend plus I need to start getting my crafty goodness together for a craft fair in October. Busy. Busy. Busy.

Tuesday, June 16

Hey, What's Up

I guess I am a bad blogger. Well I guess I shouldn't guess. I am.

I am always thinking of things to blog about.

But actually taking those thoughts and putting them into a cohesive post is a whole other thing.

For example, I really wanted to say how I am happy and sad that on June 2nd Belle starting taking showers on her own. Mostly on her own. I still supervise or step in every now and again but basically on her own. She swore I would have to bathe her until she was 30 and sometimes older. I knew that would never happen so I never made a big deal out of it. Then one day after watching you know who and you know who plus 8 she realized the little kids took their own showers and she wanted to try. So she did and that has been that. The only part that makes me sad is this is just another step in her growing up too fast.

I wanted to tell everyone how I missed my nephews graduation ceremony on June 6th because the night before I dislocated my knee in the parking lot of a dance store. Just Belle and I. While she was getting in the car (which is really high as it is really more like a SUV) I was just standing there and while I don't think I even twisted at all I must have, my knee went pop and it was out of place. I couldn't move. I couldn't bend it. I really couldn't do anything. I almost threw up and Belle freaked out. I got myself together a bit and called my husband to come get me to take me to the ER. Sadly I wasn't too close to home so I spent about an hour in that parking lot getting dirty looks from other people who wanted to park next to me and couldn't understand why I wouldn't move out of their way and close the door. I couldn't move though. About 10 minutes before he got there I decided I really needed to try to get in the car so that I can get to the hospital. I lifted myself up with my arms and other leg and tried to slide across the back seat. There was so much pain I couldn't even begin to tell you. I then tried to get right back out again as I couldn't stand the pain and definitely didn't want to get sick in the car. On my way back out I heard another very loud pop and my knee was relocated. I was then able to bend it a bit and get myself sitting in the car. It was very sore and unstable. I didn't go to the hospital after all. I just had it xrayed and it doesn't seem that I tore anything so that is good. We will see how it goes. I felt really bad for Belle, though. She was so scared and is now telling everyone I was squealing. What I was really doing was yelling from the pain. And I wasn't trying to yell it was just coming out.

What else has gone on...

Oh yeah. I bought a new car. Crossover. SUV. Whatever it is technically. It is big. It is shiny. And I love it. We took the chance and bought GM. I really hope they don't make me sorry for trying to have faith. It is a Chevy Traverse. White. Pretty. And it tows his boat easily which was part of the main point. My van I used to have was trying it's hardest not to strand me anywhere and deserved to rest. It did have 161,000 miles on it after all. It was a good van.

We are in the process of getting ready for Belle's dance recital. She will be in 3 dances each day. One is a ballet piece that she isn't really all that interested in but then she has her competition group jazz dance and another jazz dance. It should be fun.

Today is my 9 year wedding anniversary.

I spent my 40th birthday on April 21st at my favorite place. The castle in the magic kingdom. Sadly I had a crappy waiter who ruined my birthday lunch (which was my only place I really wanted to go on my birthday). I figured if I had to turn 40 than I wanted to do it at the most magical place on earth. Of the 3 times we have gone this time we had some issues and it was a bit dissapointing but still great if that can make sense.


I think that is it. I am sure there are other things I am forgetting right now. It has been 2 months after all. I am sorry for the weak posting and can't promise to be better but I also can't seem to totally give it up. So I am around.

Wednesday, April 1

Eat Cake

I am having so much fun making and decorating cakes.

I am on a quest to find the best yellow cake and chocolate cake recipes plus the best frosting(both white/buttercream and chocolate). The frosting I have made so far seems to be too sweet.

My family have been my testers. They have been really sad about it too.

Here is my latest cake. I really can't take credit for the design but here it is.

It is a little wonky in areas and I made mistakes but I still like it.

I brought it in to work today since this was a bit much to leave at home.

Next up is my birthday cake. I don't know how I want to design it yet. (The main reason I am making my own birthday cake is so that I can monitor the ingredients and know the Belle can eat it and be within her sodium limits.)

Tuesday, March 24

And More Tests

We still don't know much more.

We went to see a pediatric nephrologist yesterday.

Who took more blood for more tests.

This is my worst fear coming to life.

I had more things I wanted to say but this is about all I can handle right now.

Wednesday, March 18


I have never been a fan of tests.

I know they are necessary but they create far too much stress.

If you know you have to take a test you are stressed before hand because you want to do well.

Then you stress after the test because you want good results.

And this all counts for medical tests which are just even more stressful.

This year is my first year for needing a mammogram. While I know I will have to do it it still stresses me out. A very good friend of mine who is 2 years older than I am had breast cancer 1 year and a half ago. Stress. Luckily she had her test and followed through with it all and is doing great and considered cancer free because she caught it so early.

But still stress.

Now I am waiting for test results on brown urine. Literally brown. Not even a hint of yellow. This was like nothing I have ever seen. And it was Belle's.

She also had a strep test yesterday which came back positive so she is already on antibiotics but still. I made the mistake of looking up possible causes of brown urine. While there are some fairly non-scary reasons there are also a bunch of really really scary reasons.

I will find out tomorrow the results tomorrow afternoon.

Until then I will be increasingly stressed even if I refuse to let anyone else know just how stressed I am.

Friday, March 6


I have done it. I am now on Face book and I have no idea what to do with it.

Many many others are on it. I have a few friends so far and some relatives.

I have made small insignificant posts.

But I feel I am missing something about it.

I guess I will have to play with it a little more this weekend.


Wednesday, March 4


My niece came home from the hospital Sunday night and went back to school yesterday. She is still not 100% but she is a bit better. At least she is not dehydrated anymore.

But then my mother-in-law got sick Sunday night into Monday and is still trying to recover. The doctor said it wasn't the flu but we all think that she had/has the extremely nasty stomach flu that is going around. The confirmation is that my sister-in-law now has it.

Basically I am buying a bubble for myself later today.

Monday, March 2

This Weekend

I am sooooooooooooooo tired.

I could honestly close my eyes and fall asleep right this very second.

Thursday night around 9pm my 15 year old niece was taken to the hospital. She has some medical issues but on top of that was also dehydrated. They gave her plenty of fluids and medicine through an iv. She was finally able to go home Sunday evening.

Which left her younger brother and sister at home with their dad which is fine but he usually works Saturday mornings and always has something going on. So they stayed with us all weekend.

On Saturday I took them and Belle to Build A Bear and we made my niece a bear with a hospital gown. It was really cute. We then took it to the hospital and visited for about 2 hours.

Backing up to Friday we went to my sister-in-laws house for her step sons birthday party. He made some sandwiches and my mother in law made some macaroni salad. Plus there were some other dishes but my brother in law ended up with over a 100* fever on Saturday.

And now as we speak my mother in law is at the doctors office. She was throwing up all night and morning. Great....

We all ate the foods they prepared so there is a very good chance we will all get sick. I really hope not especially since we all at some point this weekend visited my niece at the hospital. And the medicine she has to take lowers her immune system somewhat so she realllllly can't get sick.

Belle was complaining of a head ache yesterday and then again this morning so I hope that isn't anything also.

Needless to say I am really really tired.

Tuesday, February 24

Tooth Fairy take 2

Well it looks like the Tooth Fairy is due for another visit in the next couple of days.

She better find her stash of gold coins and fast....

Wednesday, February 18

Tooth Fairy

The whole tooth fairy thing is a bit annoying to me.

Not because it costs money or because I have a terrible memory.

But because it is so inconsistent.

Every one gets something different.

I know someone whose child gets $20 for every single lost tooth. Hell I might just start pulling my own teeth for that.

And now that Belle is full force in school talk she knows things. She hears things like Ethan got $3 from the tooth fairy for his tooth.

Of course I asked if he got paper dollar bills and she told me, "In fact he did".

Funny girl...

Around our parts the tooth fairy gave $5 for the very first tooth ever.

But for the last 2 teeth the tooth fairy gave $2 each. The most recent tooth was lost on Monday after her father picked her up and Belle claims put her knee into her mouth. :-) Of course it wasn't just dangling there already...

Now these were not of the paper money variety but a special type of currency.

The gold dollar coin. Very special indeed.

As much as Belle loves her gold money I think she thinks she is getting ripped off.

Come on Tooth Fairy. Please set some limits - publicly.

Friday, February 13


The weather around here has been very strange.

Yesterday morning for example was windy.

And when I say windy I mean please don't blow our roof off Mr. Wind.

It was so loud and blowing so hard I was seriously concerned we were going to have some major roof damage.

As it turns out we did have some damage that will end up being a huge hassle to fix but well just take a look...

Those are 2 different sections of our fence. The main problem is if we can't figure out how to repair these parts then it would need to be replaced and the city no longer allows this type of fence. Grrrrrr

Monday, February 9

Eat Cake

Over the past few years I have been dabbling (is that even a word) in cake decorating.

A little here.

A little there.

Well I finally decided to take a class.

After 1 class and my limited self taught abilities I did this...

I realize it is a crappy cell phone picture and a bit gaudy. Belle kept telling me to put more flowers on it.

Either way I am proud of my completely from scratch cake.

I have also been on a kick to find the best cake and frosting recipes. I am sick of the box and can stuff. Have any good recipes???

Wednesday, February 4

It's Official

I am so very over the snow.

And more snow...

And more snow...

It seems like every Wednesday we are getting walloped.

I have been patient and not really bothered by it. I don't mind the snow as long as I don't have to drive to work. But it keeps getting us during the work week. What is up with that!!

A typical 1/2 hour drive in to work this morning took me 1 1/2 hours. Grrrrrr
As you can see I finally started to be able to drive more than 5 mph. Ahh the open road.

Friday, January 30


I am still here.

We had a great Christmas and New Years.

Belle had her dance competition/convention a couple weeks ago. And has another in 3 weeks.

We have just been so busy.

I feel like I am constantly playing catch up.

I am trying to organize my house a little better and slowly, ever so slowly making progress. Maybe I will take a picture of my tupperware type storage closet. You may be able to tell which shelves I have gotten to and which still need my attention. lol

I have been checking in on my online friends but that is usually as far as I get. Anyway, still here thinking about posting more than actually posting.