Tuesday, December 16

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Belle!

I cannot believe another year has flown by already. Once again I am saying how can it be possible.

You are such an amazing girl and I am very proud of you.

As we say to each other all the time, "I am very happy you are my daughter. And I am happy that you are glad I am your mom."

I hope you have a beautiful, wonderful, fun, happy day!!

I love you with my whole heart!
I love you more than anyone!
I love you more than anything!
I love you more than words!
I love you more than outer space!
I love you infinity!

Thursday, December 4

Oh Santa What Are You Doing To Me

This morning Belle thinks of something different she can ask Santa for...

Tickets to Disny.


My response was to tell her she can't ask Santa for that. That would be really hard for Santa to get plus you are not supposed to ask Santa for tickets to things.

She already thought of asking Santa for tickets to see the Jo Bros. That isn't happening either.

At least she also wants to ask for a DS, Pixos, and a snowglobe.