Tuesday, April 3

So Much To Do - So Little Time

Why oh why do I do this to myself. I host Easter at my house. Generally the weather is nice enough for our easter egg hunt outside and then we hide the kids baskets around my house. We eat dinner and just hang out.


I also use this as my excuse to do my spring cleaning. So I go beyond the normal cleaning my house would need to be more than presentable.

Warning: boring list you can totally skip if you want.

I have made the following list by room of items I need to complete by Saturday (preferably Friday). Did I mention I work full time also?!

Main Bathroom:
-clean tub
-clean sink
-clean toilet
-clean walls
-sweep floor
-scrup floor
-replace moulding around tub
-clean light fixture
-dust curtains
-clean mirrors
-clean window

Upstairs Bathroom:
-clean toilet
-clean sink
-clean mirror

Basement Bathroom:
-clean toilet
-clean sink
-clean mirror
-clean shower
-sweep floor
-mop floor

-straighten up
-wash all clothes
-clean tables

-change sheets
-make beds
-clean windows
-straighten up
-clean ceiling fan

Living Room
-straighten up
-wash blankets
-clean windows
-clean glass curio

Dining Room
-clean glass patio doors
-sweep floor
-mop floor
-put up pictures
-touch up paint
-put away mail
-put away shoes
-change mat
-put away shelf stuff
-clean glass light fixture
-replace light bulbs

Craft/Guest Room
-straighten up
-put up shelves
-put up shelf curtains
-clean windows
-clean ceiling fan
-clean light

Belle's Room/Play Room
-straighten up
-get rid of small clothes/shoes
-get rid of toys
-clean windows
-clean ceiling fan
-clean light

-put up key hooks
-get and put up magazine type rack
-wash counters
-fix tiles behind sink
-wash top of microwave
-wash inside of microwave
-wash sink
-wash stove
-wash cabinets
-sweep floor
-mop floor
-clean steps
-put out Easter towels
-put out Easter rug
-change deep fryer oil
-empty recycle stuff
-clean out refrigerator
-clean out freezer
-clean window
-clean fan
-clean light

Then I need to do some set up work so that I am not crazy on Easter:
-put out plates
-put out cups
-put out silverware
-get out ice bucket
-get serving plates out and set up
-thaw bunny cakes
-decorate bunny cakes
-slice cucumbers
-make veggie dip
-put up spare table and table cloth
-put out candy
-peel & cut potatoes
-stuff baskets
-hide baskets
-stuff 500 plastic eggs
-scatter plastic eggs
-make deviled eggs
-color Easter eggs

So if anyone is still reading this I commend you. I am really just trying to get my game plan in order. What should I do on each day to accomplish this long list. I know it won't all get done and a lot of it is extra spring cleaning stuff but I would love to accomplish this list. Once this list is done I can relax for the summer. Plus my birthday is 2 weeks after Easter so everyone will be back at my house. If I can get this list done I won't have to do much at all for my birthday which is a bonus.

I am also trying my best to fight off a cold. UGH>

I shall overcome!! hee hee


Anonymous said...

sometimes, I think its worth EVERY PENNY for Merry Maids.

This looks like one of those times.

When money is tight (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, when ISN'T it??!)
I will sometimes ask my SIL to come over & help me clean. She LOVES to clean a house. Top to bttome clean. Wash the walls, replace miniblinds, baseborads, EVERYTHING gets cleaned.

You want her phone number??

Anonymous said...

good god! SPELLCHECK CAT!!

bttome = bottom
baseborads = baseboards

Lauren said...

Please let me have her number. I love a clean house but I so hate to clean.

Diana said...

It usually snows on Easter for us, so we've given up on the outside egg hunt. We fence off the downstairs from the dog and The Bunny hides the goods down there.

The only time our house is cleanish is when people come to stay. Sadly, it's been about 1/2 a year since that happened...

Maggie said...

You've got lots of details there. But I guarantee to you if you just did the most important things it would be fine. Trying to do your spring cleaning in one fell swoop is an honorable idea, but you're going to stress yourself out! My advice is to prioritize and do what you can -- also try to delegate some things. I'm sure you can find someone to help stuff those Easter eggs!

Lauri said...

Hosting parties is alot of work... remember to take time and enjoy the day....

jeneflower said...

I love your list. I am going to copy it. I have been thinking that I should do spring cleaning this week, but I just haven't got to it. This is a great guide!

Jenn said...

Happy Easter!! :) One of my favorite Easter rituals involves drinking large amounts of alcohol.

Stepping Over the Junk said...

You need a helper!!!!!!!!!!! I do the same thing, I do it all at once like that...my place is very small so we dont have too much stuff and everything has a place...the kids toys are the worst in their room. But I can dust and do the bathroom and kitchen in about an hour and then vaccuum and mop in another 45 minutes. Of course, I dont have an outdoor area to deal with (condo) nor am I hosting Easter dinner for anyone but my kids and Chef!~ (okay, HE is cooking...cause he's da chef) Have a great holiday!