Wednesday, March 26

More Milestones

So much has happened with my little Belle over the last few weeks to remind me that even though her whole infant life she was a abnormal child that she is indeed a normal child.

Just a bit off of the norm with when she decides to pull out the stops.

For example, from the time she could use her tiny little hands she would help me clean up her toys. Now her idea of cleaning up her toys is to pile stuff on my dining room table or open her door and toss them in her room. This is not ok.

She also never put things in her mouth as an infant but now at 6 I am constantly telling her to take stuff out of her mouth. Now more than ever I am afraid she is going to swallow something and choke. This is not ok.

I have always felt safe in leaving her alone in a room for a few minutes to say go to the bathroom, change a load of clothes, or simply make dinner. Now I have to watch her a bit closer sometimes depending on her mood. This is not ok.

She is lying... This is not ok.

On the 13th she had a couple of clips in her hair. I had put most of her hair up in a bun so she could dress like a ballerina for her career day at school. There were a couple pieces on each side that I needed to put in clips to hold back from her face. That evening at home she wanted to let her hair down. She couldn't get the clips out of her hair and I was in the kitchen making dinner. We go to sit down to eat and my husband asks what the glob of hair on the floor is. She lies and says she doesn't know. That is just came out with her ponytail and clips. She clearly is not telling us that she in fact cut it but we can tell. She loses her scissors indefinitely for lying and I am left shocked that she cut her hair. We have talked about it before and I really never thought she would do it. She finally confessed she cut the clip out since it was stuck. Thankfully it is from underneath and to look at her you can't tell.

And the best milestone that actually brought tears to my eyes is she lost her first tooth on the 24th. It was a good experience so the next ones will hopefully not be dramatic. It freaked me out to look at it all dangly and what not but it came out on its own so that is good. The tooth fairy brought her gold which she is way excited about.

Wednesday, March 19

Son of a Beach

I am sick.


I have had enough already.

This makes the 4th time since Christmas.


Monday, March 17

Digital Camera Research

Oh how I would love to get a new D-SLR camera. I know the features I want and don't want but it is hard to find everything bundled all together.

There are a couple that come close but again it is hard to determine which one to go with without being able to try them out for awhile.

The first is a Nikon D-80. These are so cool and has the Nikon brand name behind it. The major downfall of this camera is that is does not have a live view option on the LCD screen which my hubby would not like at all. He prefers the live view feature to the view finder any day. It does take the SD memory cards that I already have with my point and shoot camera though.

The next one is a Sony A350. This camera seems to have all of the functions that I want but does not take the SD memory cards that I already have so that increases the cost.

The most frustrating thing about these sorts of purchases are you never know how it will handle when you are out in your daily life using it without being able to do that. And so many stores will not return items like this after they are open so I always feel stuck. I think it would be great if a store would say, "Here go try it out for a few weeks." That would be worth their weight in gold. I think I would be more inclined to buy from them since they feel so confident in the product that they are willing to let me test drive it. But sadly that is not an option I have ever seen.

Once I decide which one I can start to save my money. Good thing my birthday is coming up...

Wednesday, March 12


Soon we will be taking a road trip to Michigan. There is a mall there that we love as well as lots of fishing stores my husband loves.

It will be so nice to have a change in scenery. I think we are all counting the days...

After we take this mini trip we are going on a larger by airplane trip to see our favorite princesses live in person. Now that I truly cannot wait for.... Hmmmmm.......

Monday, March 10

We've Got Snow

Holy mother of snow machines did we get a pile and a half of snow this weekend.

I have pictures but I haven't downloaded them yet. The only one I have right now is from my cell phone of the snow in my neighbors yard by the garage.

Suffice it to say that the pile of snow by my garage is so tall that I can climb on the roof. The snow is so deep it comes over Belle's waist.

We definitely don't need more snow. What we need is a slow thaw so we don't flood.

Thursday, March 6

I Hate This

Yesterday we had another snow day. Snow days are really a pain in the butt since I have to try to scramble to find someone to watch Belle. I need to get in to work which took me an hour yesterday. And all in all they suck.

Of course this morning Belle was crying again about going to school. She was fine on Tuesday I think partially because she only had a half day.

I left her crying and walked out. I felt like crying myself.

I hate this......

Tuesday, March 4

School Blues

Yesterday was another bad day for Belle going to school. She was much braver in the morning at home but I think that was because we had lots of crying and fretting on Sunday. And I assured her that she had to go to school and stay all day.

When we got to the morning latchkey the women who work there saw right away the difference in Belle's demeanor. They talked to her a bit and Belle told them about Rachel yelling at her and another girl last week. Rachel is in Belle's classroom also and even though I hate to say this she is truly a bad, mean, terrible girl. I really hope Rachel learns that behaving the way she does to other people (adults and kids alike) will not get her far and she changes her attitude quickly.

I left Belle there and she was still crying. The women working were very nice and had her be their helper for the morning to keep her busy. She really enjoyed that.

A while later I got a phone call from the one lady who works there telling that Rachel's mom walked in with her and they spoke at length with the mom about how Rachel was treating others and especially Belle. From what I can gather there is a bit of a power struggle for Belle to be friends with certain girls. But the 2 other girls involved don't necessarily want to be friends with each other. Belle just wants to please them both and then gets caught in the middle.

The mom had Rachel apologize and all seems to be well with the world again. For now.

While I don't think this was the only issue since Belle was upset prior to the "incident" I think this is what pushed her over the edge and it became about this.

Today Belle went to school happily, without crying. I am so grateful.