Thursday, August 19

Ordering a Cake

It is difficult for people who don't decorate cakes to understand the ordering and pricing of a specialty cake.

Melanie of Cake Walk could not have explained it better. See below excerpt. To see the full post with her pictures go here.

A clean, pure design but it still looks regal enough for a 4-year-old's birthday party.It's a perfect example that you can get a cake for any budget. Of course, the more you're willing to spend, the more out-of-the-box and show-stopping your cake will be! But this is a great cake, don't you agree?

How to keep costs down if you've already blown your party budget:

-Avoid sugar work. Use plastic figures or silk flowers wherever possible, but don't compromise on the appearance! For example, this is a cute crown. Don't get a cheap-y looking one that will ruin your cake.

-Stick with minimal decorating. While it's definitely more boring for us decorators, keep the decorating simple. The less time a decorator spends on a cake, the less money you'll probably spend on it.

-Avoid fondant. Many decorators, though not all, charge slightly more for a fondant-covered cake. Why do they charge extra? It's logical really. Covering a cake in fondant requires both more time and more material - they've got to cover those costs.

-Tell your decorator your budget. Yes, really! Many decorators are willing to try to work within your budget. They can give you options on your cake to show you what you can get for your money. Just ask! But don't insult your decorator by trying to get a cake dirt cheap - respect her time and effort. If you realize that you just can't afford the cakes, be "man" enough to tell the decorator and order a cake in the future when you can.

*Now, having said all that, I also have to add that cake decorating is an art form. If you can afford it, set aside a little extra money for the cake. Many decorators will really amaze you with what they can do in sugar!

*I'm giving you this advice because it's truly what I believe. I do not take cake orders so none of this is inspired from a particular experience. It's just a little bit of insider information on how to get an adorable custom cake if you can't afford to get the kind of cakes you see on TV.

Tuesday, June 22


So we finally decided on a vacation destination.

Unfortunately we decided we were not going to go to the happiest place on earth.

We decided to go to the sweetest place on earth.

We are only going to go for a few days but it will be good to get away and have a change of scenery for a bit.

I can't wait.

Now I just need to do some research and find out where to stay and what to do while there.
I have some time, though, since we are not going tomorrow or even the next day or even the day after that. lol

Wednesday, June 2

Same Ole Same Ole

Not much has changed around here. Other than it is now June. And once again I am wondering where the previous month has gone. I swear time is speeding up the older I get.

I have made a couple more cakes...

I have done a couple others but I don't have those photos handy. These pictures were bad cell phone pictures but you get the idea. They came out ok. And I am still having so much fun doing them. The people they were for seemed to really like them so that is what really counts.
Tomorrow is Belle's last day of school. I am shocked she will be in 3rd grade next year. She continues to grow up too fast but she really is so smart and beautiful inside and out. I don't know how I got so lucky to have a daughter like her.
I am trying to figure out where we can go on a mini vacation this summer. We want to be able to drive there and spend a couple days (or at least that is what I am hoping for).
This afternoon I get to go help serve Belle's class an ice cream social. This is either going to be really cute or really a hot sticky mess (85 degrees today and t-storms).
I guess that is it for now. On to next month. lol

Monday, May 3

Where Did April Go?

My goodness how did it become May so soon?

Where did April go? My birthday is in April and it usually seems to take forever to get here. I am not sure why I am always anxious for it to be my birthday but I usually am. Not this year. Maybe it is because I am now over 40 officially. For my 40th I went to Disney and spent that day near and at the castle so it couldn't get too much better than that. Oh well. I want to get old but just not so quickly. This was my birthday cake I made:

My sister is still pregnant which is great! She has had some minor complications that we hope remain minor and in the end will not affect anything. But this week she is officially 3 months pregnant. With TWINS!! Oh my oh my...

She had been on such a long infertility road I am just so happy for her. And as she puts it she was able to buy 1 and get 1 free. She is too funny.

Anyone with tips and tricks for twins send them my way and I will pass them on. She will definitely be able to use them.

Belle also made her first communion and confirmation yesterday so I had been busy planning her party and making her cake as well as a cake for one of her friends who also made her 1st communion on Saturday.

This is her friend's cake. She asked for white cake and frosting that had flowers and was pretty. I hopefully met her criteria.

I guess that is pretty much it. I am going to make a cake for next Monday for a graduation for a coworker who just got her degree. And hopefully I will get some more cake orders soon.

Wednesday, March 17

Good News

I know I have posted in the past about my sister and her infertility problems.

She has done countless IUI's.

On February 27 she had invitro done.


I am so happy to say my sister is finally pregnant.

She is still on eggshells until she is 3 months and it still feels a bit surreal for her.

But today she is 5 weeks.

I get to plan a baby shower. I can't wait.

Thursday, January 28

Check This Out

I was reading other blogs as I typically do. I read others far more than I post to my own.

But this I just had to do. I love good bake ware. But this this is far too cute.

I love that it is pink.

I love that it is helping raise funds for breast cancer.

If you would like a chance (or 4) to win this lovely pie plate pop on over to Joyously Living Life for your chance to win this beautiful Emile Henry pink pie plate.