Wednesday, July 30


Time sure does fly by.

Still here.

Still crazy busy.

Better posts to come.


I hope.

Thursday, July 10

Car Talk

This morning I am driving to drop Belle off so I can go to work and we get on the conversation of strangers.

I go through all of the usual statements and Belle reminds me she knows all this stuff. I tell her it is part of my job to always remind her. I tell her I don't like this part of the job or the yelling part but I have to.

As I am saying but I have to she is also saying it at the same time. She then proceeds to tell me this.

Belle: "Mom, when I say it I know it. Whey you say it it is just annoying."

Me: "What (in a silly tone). Don't make me come back there and beat your butt." She starts to say it again and I interrupt her and tell her that I am going to pull the car over right now and get her. She starts laughing.

I am thinking I have used the word annoying too many times if she is now using it against me.

Thursday, July 3

Infertility Pain

My sister, that I have written about before, is dealing with infertility. I feel so bad for her. I just want her to be able to have the baby she is so longing to have.

She doesn't know about this blog so she won't know I am putting this out "there" but this is the email I got from her yesterday.

you guys would appreciate my frustration....

yesterday wend in for my "yearly" checkup....get there...I am the only one in the waiting room that is NOT pregnant...ok...fine...hard enough...then go in get the checkup..start to "clean up" and get dressed...started spotting...UGH

I was able to control myself until I got to my car....a few tears were shed...made it home..ran upstairs and started to bawl....just can't take this anymore...anyone have any tips on how to let these things go and not care?

So I go for a laparascopy on Aug 14th. Hopefully they will find the cause of all this frustration and fix it.

The real frustrating part for her is that the doctors haven't been able to give any reasons whatsoever explaining why she may not be able to get pregnant. And adding salt to the wounds you have me who was on the pill and got pregnant, and then there is our other sister who has 4 kids she seems bothered by to take care of. This is definitely one of those life isn't fair moments.

I just wish some miracle would happen and she would get pregnant.

Wednesday, July 2

Cruise Talk

I am driving along last night and I hear from the backseat:

Belle: "Mommy, I need a shave."

Me: "What did you say?"

Belle: "I need a shave. My hairs are really long."

Me: "bwahhhh ha ha ha. You are too young to shave."

Belle: "I know but my hairs are really really long." As she is holding her leg close to her face.
"How do you shave anyway?"

Me: "You take the shave gel and rub it on your legs."

Belle: "What is shave gel and where is it?"

Me: "It is like a cream. You then rub the razor across your legs but you have to be careful you don't go sideways so you don't cut yourself. Are you going to try this when I am not looking?"

Belle: "NO. I don't want to cut myself. You have to shave me."

Me: "You are too young to shave. You can start shaving when you get hair under your armpits."

Belle: "I don't want hair under my armpits."

Me: "That is why you shave it off."

Belle: "Only boys should get hair under their armpits. Girls shouldn't have to."

Me thinking-Oh that is just the start of what girls have to endure that boys don't.
And I better keep an eye on the razor and shaving gel.

Tuesday, July 1

Still Here

I am still here.

Just so incredibly busy that I can barely stand it.

I have taken pictures that I wanted to share.

I have stories to tell.

And yet I have no time.

I will get it done. I will.

I just need a bit more time.