Thursday, November 10


Did you ever feel a connection with someone?

Did you ever wonder if they felt it too? 

And I don't necessarily mean romantic connections.  Just that feeling like you and another person have something special. 

I was listening to my favorite show on the Catholic Channel on XM radio yesterday and they have a priest who is one of the hosts and this subject came up.  The other host asked the priest if this is talked about in the seminary.  And how are they instructed to handle it.  He had said he heard that priests will fall in love with someone every 10 years.  Father said he didn't know about the every 10 years part but in the seminary they definitely go over how to handle being attracted to women or even feeling a special connection with someone.  Basically it is OK even though they can't do anything with those feelings.  I wish I could have heard the whole conversation.

I guess I hadn't really thought about it from the priest's perspective.  Many people probably adore them for many different reasons but what makes a priest feel a connection with someone else.  And I would have to think in so many ways that has to be hard to handle.  And sadly I can see many women thinking the collar is no deterrent.  Boy, I wouldn't want to be a priest having to deal with over jealous women.  :-)

I know a couple people who used to be either a nun or a priest but I am not in the position to ask why they left.  Although, both are married. 

The question still remains...

If you feel a connection to someone how do you know if they feel it too?

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