Wednesday, June 18

What's Going On

So much has been going on and I have taken a few photos. I have been waiting to post until I could actually post the photos (which as you can tell takes me awhile to download).

The last day of kindergarten was 2 weeks ago and Belle took these to her teacher, latchkey women and her dance teacher. I think they came out pretty cute for pens.

When she came home from school I surprised her with this cake that she would ooh and ahh over every time we went to the grocery store. I told her it was her Happy Summer Vacation Cake. Which she loved.

The past weekend we went to a strawberry festival. It is always so yummy to get their homemade strawberry shortcakes with fresh strawberries, vanilla ice cream and whip cream all over a biscuit. Yummy. I meant to take a picture of that but of course forgot.

I did get pictures of Belle winning this years goldfish. She won one last year also and it lived for 2 days. Last year we tried to get her new ones from the pet store but they died within a day so we gave up. She wanted to win another this year and even though my husband didn't want her to we let her. You can see what happened on her first shot...

Yep that is the ball in the glass bowl. The person running the game was a bit haggard but oh well we won. He gave us a ticket to come back on our way out to get the fish. When we did he gave Belle 2. One little orange goldfish and a larger black goldfish. We took them home and set up the fish bowl for them. We then went to the store and got fish food. They were swimming and eating all night.

The next morning I got up and looked at the fish bowl to check on the little fish and saw this:

It was empty. Apparently when my husband got up in the morning for work he saw the little one on dead on the bottom but the bigger one was still swimming. So he gave him a little food and went to get ready for work. When he came back the bigger one was floating on the top so they both got flushed less than 24 hours after coming to us. I guess we shouldn't have fish as pets. Although, I say there is something wrong with the bowl.


Heather said...

Thanks for the update. I've been wondering how you are doing. Love the pics. The pens are awesome and the cake looks too pretty to eat (but I would anyway!).

Lauri said...

Try a different fish... our betta fish has been going strong since Livi's b-day and her tank was $16 or $20 at walmart- its one with a pump. Easy peasy

Starfish said...

OH too bad about the fish. Those never seem to last for long when you win them at a fair.

Glad all else is well. Hope that cake tasted as good as it looked!

stepping over the junk said...

I LOVE the cake. My kids would love the cake. I'm making that for the next birthday! Bright colors!

Sourire11 said...

Thanks for your compliment on my yarns! I’m super excited about this new venture.

Adorable cake – btw strawberry shortcake with fresh strawberries is my fav. dessert ever. So yummy!

Greta Adams said...

aww congrats on her getting through kindergarten and i love that you got her a cake...u keep that shit up and you will make me look like a bad parent...u can't get mother of the year award doing craziness like that...bwhahahaha {snort!}