Wednesday, November 5


Yesterday I did my civic duty and voted.

But more importantly Belle has been very involved in this election.

They talked about it in school.

She would ask me who I was voting for and I refused to tell her.

She knew who she wanted to win. McCain.

And she had her reasons why: She did not like how Obama talked to McCain and she did not like what he said. She thought he was mean.

So funny...

Anyway, we have electronic voting booths in my precinct and I took Belle with me. Given how involved she has been I wanted her to be a part of the actual process.

Fast forward to this morning and I tell her who wins.

She starts crying. She was so upset that her choice did not win.

I felt so bad for her. Even though I also thought it was a bit funny. I know shame on me but she was so upset I couldn't believe it. She is 6 and is on her way to a future in politics if she keeps this up.


Skye said...

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Greta Adams said...

okay here is my review of twilight
I LOVED IT!!! but i was warned to go in not expecting much and with an open mind and i would love it...there were a few things that aggrevated me...
i did not like all the make up on carlise..that was way over done....
i was aggrevated that they left a few parts out and changed up the end a bit but i understand why they did it because they had to leave it open for a part 2 without leaving the audience hanging like the book did....over all i will own this one and i will go see it again before it leaves the theater....but i followed the advice of my friend who went before me....