Thursday, December 4

Oh Santa What Are You Doing To Me

This morning Belle thinks of something different she can ask Santa for...

Tickets to Disny.


My response was to tell her she can't ask Santa for that. That would be really hard for Santa to get plus you are not supposed to ask Santa for tickets to things.

She already thought of asking Santa for tickets to see the Jo Bros. That isn't happening either.

At least she also wants to ask for a DS, Pixos, and a snowglobe.


Heather said...

Phoebe has put on her Santa list for about 4 or 5 American Girl dolls "with all their stuff". Oh well, she's not getting any American Girl stuff this year, as this year's theme is the Wii we got her and accessories. I think she'll be so excited with what she did get, that she won't think about what she didn't get. Plus I told her I thought her list was a bit greedy and that Santa would only bring her a few of those things.

Lauren said...


Belle is also getting an American Girl doll and some clothes but that will be for her birthday which is only 9 days away from Christmas.

But you will love love love the Wii. That is the only video game system I would have bought and we use it all the time but I mostly only buy games you have to move to play. So much fun...