Wednesday, March 18


I have never been a fan of tests.

I know they are necessary but they create far too much stress.

If you know you have to take a test you are stressed before hand because you want to do well.

Then you stress after the test because you want good results.

And this all counts for medical tests which are just even more stressful.

This year is my first year for needing a mammogram. While I know I will have to do it it still stresses me out. A very good friend of mine who is 2 years older than I am had breast cancer 1 year and a half ago. Stress. Luckily she had her test and followed through with it all and is doing great and considered cancer free because she caught it so early.

But still stress.

Now I am waiting for test results on brown urine. Literally brown. Not even a hint of yellow. This was like nothing I have ever seen. And it was Belle's.

She also had a strep test yesterday which came back positive so she is already on antibiotics but still. I made the mistake of looking up possible causes of brown urine. While there are some fairly non-scary reasons there are also a bunch of really really scary reasons.

I will find out tomorrow the results tomorrow afternoon.

Until then I will be increasingly stressed even if I refuse to let anyone else know just how stressed I am.

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