Monday, May 3

Where Did April Go?

My goodness how did it become May so soon?

Where did April go? My birthday is in April and it usually seems to take forever to get here. I am not sure why I am always anxious for it to be my birthday but I usually am. Not this year. Maybe it is because I am now over 40 officially. For my 40th I went to Disney and spent that day near and at the castle so it couldn't get too much better than that. Oh well. I want to get old but just not so quickly. This was my birthday cake I made:

My sister is still pregnant which is great! She has had some minor complications that we hope remain minor and in the end will not affect anything. But this week she is officially 3 months pregnant. With TWINS!! Oh my oh my...

She had been on such a long infertility road I am just so happy for her. And as she puts it she was able to buy 1 and get 1 free. She is too funny.

Anyone with tips and tricks for twins send them my way and I will pass them on. She will definitely be able to use them.

Belle also made her first communion and confirmation yesterday so I had been busy planning her party and making her cake as well as a cake for one of her friends who also made her 1st communion on Saturday.

This is her friend's cake. She asked for white cake and frosting that had flowers and was pretty. I hopefully met her criteria.

I guess that is pretty much it. I am going to make a cake for next Monday for a graduation for a coworker who just got her degree. And hopefully I will get some more cake orders soon.

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Heather said...

Congrats to your sister! I say line up some help. The first few months are brutal in the lack of sleep department. Until they sleep through the night you are knackered. Drink nettle tea and don't be surprised if you start craving cheeseburgers. Your body needs the iron for both. Twin pregnancies are more common to have issues with anemia. Get as much rest as you can. Try to keep those babies in as long as possible. Every week keeps them from needing to spend time in the NICU and worrying about them being behind in developmental milestones. I'm sure I'll have other more coping tips. I've gotten pretty good at this by now.