Tuesday, June 22


So we finally decided on a vacation destination.

Unfortunately we decided we were not going to go to the happiest place on earth.

We decided to go to the sweetest place on earth.

We are only going to go for a few days but it will be good to get away and have a change of scenery for a bit.

I can't wait.

Now I just need to do some research and find out where to stay and what to do while there.
I have some time, though, since we are not going tomorrow or even the next day or even the day after that. lol


Heather said...

Get yourself a chocolate facial at the Hershey hotel spa. My daughter's begging for us to go there just so she can get a spa treatment.

Greta Adams said...

have fun sista....
they have some cool roller coaters there too!!

thanks for the pic of bret...girl i want you to know i went ahead and changed the pic i had of him as my background to that one... i had one of him on his motor....purrrrrrr!!! i'd hurt that man you know... LMAO

Mel said...

Lauren, I just saw your comment on my blog (Mel's Cake Walk). I'd be honored for you to repost what I said. Please send me the link to your blog post when it's up! Thanks! :)