Wednesday, May 10


So my uncle who never talks to any of us unless he needs something made the comment to Missy that more or less I was coming around for the money. He is my grandparents only remaining child. My dad (stepdad) was his brother. Even when we were little and his brother was alive he never really came around. Anyway, this really upset me last night as I am not the one who is after their money.

It is really frustrating that I have done nothing wrong. I have never ever asked them for anything except for them to accept me and love me as their granddaughter. Which never really happened. So once again I am reduced to the young child I was when they first started rejecting me. It really hurts and no one around me really knows what I went through and how I felt then and now.

This is why it was such a big deal to me when she introduced me as her granddaught to the nurse at the hospital.

We found out that she may not make it through today. Forgive me but the selfish side of me can't wait for the funeral to be over and they can go back to ignoring me and I can go back to trying not to think about it.

In a nutshell this whole thing sucks!!

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