Wednesday, May 24


I was laughing so hard I was crying.

Let me set the scene. It is Sunday May 14th in the evening. My husband always sits in the reclining chair. So as usual he was in that chair kicked back and my daughter was standing next to the side of it. They are playing around pushing each other with their hands palm to palm. Needless to say, Jaclyn was starting to have a hard time. So she tells my husband that there is a spider. Spider's are his arch nemesis. Anyway, he freaks out and stops the pushing game. I immediately start laughing and had to bury my face in the couch because it was soooooooooo funny that she thought of that to get him to stop.

At first he didn't realize there really wasn't one but with me cracking up he figured it out. And at first he was mad and told her not to do that and wasn't laughing at all. But with me still cracking up he had to laugh a little bit.

By the next day he was telling the story and saying it was a great move. And I was still cracking up when we went to bed that next night.

My girl is so smart and funny!!

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