Monday, December 3

Birthday Party

This past Saturday we pulled off a surprise 30th birthday party for my little sis. The one I like.

She was totally surprised and had a great time.

Her husband decided to invite my mom (which is ok) but she comes with my littlest sister whom we don't particularly care for. Seems strange you might say? Well not so much if you knew either of us and the roles we played growing up. Often times I had to be the "mom" and she tried to do whatever she wanted whenever she wanted whether it was legal or not. She has since had 4 kids with the same "baby daddy" who is no longer around now that she is not milking my grandparents for money.

Her kids are completely out of control. She doesn't work yet they live in a small 2 bedroom mobile home with my mother (who is partially disabled) and she can't even clean a speck. The place is so filthy I refused to let Belle touch anything when we stopped there for about 10 minutes one day over the summer.

So fast forward to December 1st and we are at the party. Surprise party. Do you think they got there on time? No. So they pull in as my other sister, M and her husband are about to pull into their drive way. I wave them away frantically because I will be damned if they were going to ruin the surprise. Once everyone was in and the party is in full swing so were the kids. Her kids were jumping on people, shooting nerflike darts around people, dropping food all over, running up and down the steps, and the list goes on and on. I am not saying Belle was an angel but she sure was not like these kids.

The topper was when they were getting ready to leave and we were all standing in the kitchen. The 3rd child who is almost 3 clearly pooped her pants because a big glob of poop falls on the kitchen floor. I stepped back, threw my hands in the air and called her mom over to clean it up. I was not touching it. She acted like it happens all the time and picked it up with a napkin and threw it in the garbage. I told her it just fell out of her pant leg so she may want to change her. Her response was no that is ok since she was just in the bathroom. Okayyyyyyy.......... I am pretty okay with changing a kids dirty diaper if needed but this was beyond me.

So all in all it was a good party. It just makes me and M wonder how we are related to them. It doesn't seem at all possible.


Greta said...

OH HELL NO GIRL!!!!!! HELL NO!!!! that is all i can say!!!!

Anonymous said...

I hear you... I sadly have issues like that with family


Anonymous said...

Happy B-day M


Diana said...

That stinks having to deal with that. I'm glad it doesn't sound like it's very often.

deb said...

Grr.. family issues are no fun sometimes.

Stepping Over the Junk said...

wow, that would be tough to deal with!

Amy said...

Families. I feel your pain.