Thursday, December 20

How Did That Happen

My daughter turned 6 on the 16th.

I don't know how that happened. I don't know when that happened.

She is growing up so fast that I can't keep up. She thinks I am crazy when I tell her to slow down a bit.

We had an ice skating party for her on Saturday the 15th and she was allowed to invite a few of her friends. As it turned out our weather decided it would be a good time for a blizzard so I think a few of them decided to stay home. She did have 2 friends come (1 from dance class and the other from her school class). I know Belle had a great time and so did these friends of hers.

I know I had a great time too. I just love to ice skate.

So Happy Birthday my sweet loving and caring girl! I love you more than words.


Greta said...

umm yeah that is EXACTLY what i am saying with my five soon to be six year old....they grow up too fast

Diana said...

What a lovely birthday party! Too bad for the storm, but it sounds like it was loads of fun for those who came!

Happy Birthday, Belle!

Amy said...

Sounds like a fun party! You can never count on the weather to cooperate this time of year though.