Monday, February 4


At Belle's dance class there is another mom who recently had twins. One little boy and one little girl. She delivered them about 2 months early.

The little boy was fine and home rather quickly but the little girl just came home this past week. She will be ok but had a tougher start to life.
I have been wanting to get a gift for this family and the babies. But time has gone by and now I am finally finished with our gifts to them.

I found an old bib of Belle's and used that as a template since I didn't have any patterns. I think the little girl one has a bit of a better shape to it. I also appliqued the star and monkey head on the fronts to add dimension.

I also made matching burp clothes and blankets. They are all made of flannel and chenille.

Here is the whole set together.

And here they all are nice and wrapped up. I just need to put them in a gift bag and finish my handmade card.

I really hope they like it. I know there were a couple of things I could have done better but hopefully they won't notice.

****Update: I gave her the gifts yesterday and she really seemed to like them. I also gave her a handmade card to go with it. Yay!!


Diana said...

What completely wonderful gifts! I am sure they will be long loved.

Anonymous said...

Hand made gifts are

So much more meaningful and heartfelt than a store bought gift.
If I was crafty, I would make stuff for my family & friends.

a friend to knit with said...

oh my gosh, she is going to love those!
so adorable, and so sweet!

Anonymous said...

so cute.. I love Chenille.. so cozy