Friday, February 29

Fake Sick

Yesterday Belle faked being sick so she wouldn't have to go to school.

I have mixed feelings about it though.

Typically she was going to latchkey (after school care at the school) every day up until this week. This week we began to have her take the bus home every day. I really think this has her really upset but it is so hard to pinpoint it.

Last week she was sick but I gave her medicine and sent her to school anyway because she really really really wanted to go. This week she is the total opposite. We did have a snow day on Wednesday and I had to stay home from work since I had no one to watch her but she was acting this way before that.

Since she exaggerated and lied about being sick yesterday I told her that she was not allowed to have any sweets since they would further upset her stomach if it was indeed hurting her. Plus due to lying she was not allowed to watch the disn*y channel last night and we still did some writing and math problems. Plus we practiced her no excuse words she should know.

She also had her dance class yesterday and I still took her because for me to not have her go (if you don't go to school you don't do anything mentality) she would have been ok with that. So I had to take the approach of if you fake being sick it doesn't mean you get out of having to leave the house. She is such a home body that sometimes getting her to the activities she loves is hard. Once she is there she is completely into it and that is why we still take her even when she doesn't want to go. When I ask her if she wants to quit going altogether the answer is always no.

Anyway, she didn't want to go to school again this morning but she is there. Hopefully this isn't an ongoing thing. Plus she has been very clingy and not wanting to leave me. I do think part of this is from when they sent her on the bus when she shouldn't have been and there was no one home but I still am trying to help her get past that.

Wish me luck next week. All I can say for now is TGIF.

The school called me around 11am. Belle has been crying on and off all morning. Her teacher ended up taking her to the nurse's office. I talked to Belle and told her to try to get through the rest of the day. Even her teacher told the nurse that this is not normal. I hate not knowing what happened between last week and this week. I am so worried about my girl. I can't wait to get out of work to talk to her.


Lauri said...

uggh... that has to be frustrating and confusing.

hope things get better

Heather said...

I'm so sorry to hear that Belle is having a hard time with school. I hope it gets better soon.

Maybe try to spend some time alone with her this weekend watching a movie in bed or something or where you have to drive in the car alone. I know those are the two times that I can get my daughter to open up about what's really going on in her life.