Thursday, April 17


I just had to pop in to document the fact that Belle has had her first piece of gum on Tuesday evening.

I made it almost 6 1/2 years with her not having any. We were driving and she wanted a cinnamon mint but we didn't have any. So I see her thinking for a minute and then she says, "can I try a piece of gum?"


I give it to her and keep telling her to not swallow it. I ask her what she thinks and she gives me her thumbs up sign.

I also told her that the flavor only lasts a few minutes. And what does she say to that?

"Then what do you do with it?"

I laugh and say that you just chew it. She spits it out and then wants another one. But she was also making a nasty face when she spits it out.

I explained that you don't chew it for a minute, spit it out and then right away chew another one. She wanted to see if she would like the second piece better than the first. I tell her that is not going to happen.

She decides she would have liked it better if it was strawberry flavor. Here we go.......

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Greta Adams said...

lmao!!! kids are a trip