Thursday, July 10

Car Talk

This morning I am driving to drop Belle off so I can go to work and we get on the conversation of strangers.

I go through all of the usual statements and Belle reminds me she knows all this stuff. I tell her it is part of my job to always remind her. I tell her I don't like this part of the job or the yelling part but I have to.

As I am saying but I have to she is also saying it at the same time. She then proceeds to tell me this.

Belle: "Mom, when I say it I know it. Whey you say it it is just annoying."

Me: "What (in a silly tone). Don't make me come back there and beat your butt." She starts to say it again and I interrupt her and tell her that I am going to pull the car over right now and get her. She starts laughing.

I am thinking I have used the word annoying too many times if she is now using it against me.

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stepping over the junk said...

oh yeah, the first time my kid told me to stop bossing her around because it was annoying her (telling her to eat her dinner) I just about died.