Wednesday, July 2

Cruise Talk

I am driving along last night and I hear from the backseat:

Belle: "Mommy, I need a shave."

Me: "What did you say?"

Belle: "I need a shave. My hairs are really long."

Me: "bwahhhh ha ha ha. You are too young to shave."

Belle: "I know but my hairs are really really long." As she is holding her leg close to her face.
"How do you shave anyway?"

Me: "You take the shave gel and rub it on your legs."

Belle: "What is shave gel and where is it?"

Me: "It is like a cream. You then rub the razor across your legs but you have to be careful you don't go sideways so you don't cut yourself. Are you going to try this when I am not looking?"

Belle: "NO. I don't want to cut myself. You have to shave me."

Me: "You are too young to shave. You can start shaving when you get hair under your armpits."

Belle: "I don't want hair under my armpits."

Me: "That is why you shave it off."

Belle: "Only boys should get hair under their armpits. Girls shouldn't have to."

Me thinking-Oh that is just the start of what girls have to endure that boys don't.
And I better keep an eye on the razor and shaving gel.


jeneflower said...

I agree, women have to endure so much more than men. On top of the biological inequities there are the social ones. I suppose things are improving in that regard though.

Your daughter is lucky to be growing up in todays world.

Amy said...

Ahhh, childhood innocence. Don't you wish you could keep them that innocent? It's funny she's ready to shave! It won't seem like so much fun when she gets older and actually has to do it.