Monday, February 9

Eat Cake

Over the past few years I have been dabbling (is that even a word) in cake decorating.

A little here.

A little there.

Well I finally decided to take a class.

After 1 class and my limited self taught abilities I did this...

I realize it is a crappy cell phone picture and a bit gaudy. Belle kept telling me to put more flowers on it.

Either way I am proud of my completely from scratch cake.

I have also been on a kick to find the best cake and frosting recipes. I am sick of the box and can stuff. Have any good recipes???

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Sourire11 said...

It's pretty! Cakes don't need to be subtle... I don't have any great recipes but I did once make just a typical frosting (powdered sugar, butter, milk, or whatever) and add raspberry extract. It was delicious! And much more unexpected than vanilla or even almond would be...