Wednesday, February 18

Tooth Fairy

The whole tooth fairy thing is a bit annoying to me.

Not because it costs money or because I have a terrible memory.

But because it is so inconsistent.

Every one gets something different.

I know someone whose child gets $20 for every single lost tooth. Hell I might just start pulling my own teeth for that.

And now that Belle is full force in school talk she knows things. She hears things like Ethan got $3 from the tooth fairy for his tooth.

Of course I asked if he got paper dollar bills and she told me, "In fact he did".

Funny girl...

Around our parts the tooth fairy gave $5 for the very first tooth ever.

But for the last 2 teeth the tooth fairy gave $2 each. The most recent tooth was lost on Monday after her father picked her up and Belle claims put her knee into her mouth. :-) Of course it wasn't just dangling there already...

Now these were not of the paper money variety but a special type of currency.

The gold dollar coin. Very special indeed.

As much as Belle loves her gold money I think she thinks she is getting ripped off.

Come on Tooth Fairy. Please set some limits - publicly.

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Heather said...

I'm glad to see you doing the gold dollar coins too. That's what the tooth fairy does in our house!!! My DH collects coins and this was a way to start our daughter's collection, as well as it not being money that she can spend on junk. She has enough stuff already.