Wednesday, April 1

Eat Cake

I am having so much fun making and decorating cakes.

I am on a quest to find the best yellow cake and chocolate cake recipes plus the best frosting(both white/buttercream and chocolate). The frosting I have made so far seems to be too sweet.

My family have been my testers. They have been really sad about it too.

Here is my latest cake. I really can't take credit for the design but here it is.

It is a little wonky in areas and I made mistakes but I still like it.

I brought it in to work today since this was a bit much to leave at home.

Next up is my birthday cake. I don't know how I want to design it yet. (The main reason I am making my own birthday cake is so that I can monitor the ingredients and know the Belle can eat it and be within her sodium limits.)


movin down the road said...

that is awesome. I'm so not a cake decorator! I wish I was.

online cash advance said...

Your cake is nicely decorated don't worry about it. Good job!!

Display Centres said...

This is so cool!!! You give me the idea on how to decorate my mother’s birthday cake!! Thanks!!!