Tuesday, June 16

Hey, What's Up

I guess I am a bad blogger. Well I guess I shouldn't guess. I am.

I am always thinking of things to blog about.

But actually taking those thoughts and putting them into a cohesive post is a whole other thing.

For example, I really wanted to say how I am happy and sad that on June 2nd Belle starting taking showers on her own. Mostly on her own. I still supervise or step in every now and again but basically on her own. She swore I would have to bathe her until she was 30 and sometimes older. I knew that would never happen so I never made a big deal out of it. Then one day after watching you know who and you know who plus 8 she realized the little kids took their own showers and she wanted to try. So she did and that has been that. The only part that makes me sad is this is just another step in her growing up too fast.

I wanted to tell everyone how I missed my nephews graduation ceremony on June 6th because the night before I dislocated my knee in the parking lot of a dance store. Just Belle and I. While she was getting in the car (which is really high as it is really more like a SUV) I was just standing there and while I don't think I even twisted at all I must have, my knee went pop and it was out of place. I couldn't move. I couldn't bend it. I really couldn't do anything. I almost threw up and Belle freaked out. I got myself together a bit and called my husband to come get me to take me to the ER. Sadly I wasn't too close to home so I spent about an hour in that parking lot getting dirty looks from other people who wanted to park next to me and couldn't understand why I wouldn't move out of their way and close the door. I couldn't move though. About 10 minutes before he got there I decided I really needed to try to get in the car so that I can get to the hospital. I lifted myself up with my arms and other leg and tried to slide across the back seat. There was so much pain I couldn't even begin to tell you. I then tried to get right back out again as I couldn't stand the pain and definitely didn't want to get sick in the car. On my way back out I heard another very loud pop and my knee was relocated. I was then able to bend it a bit and get myself sitting in the car. It was very sore and unstable. I didn't go to the hospital after all. I just had it xrayed and it doesn't seem that I tore anything so that is good. We will see how it goes. I felt really bad for Belle, though. She was so scared and is now telling everyone I was squealing. What I was really doing was yelling from the pain. And I wasn't trying to yell it was just coming out.

What else has gone on...

Oh yeah. I bought a new car. Crossover. SUV. Whatever it is technically. It is big. It is shiny. And I love it. We took the chance and bought GM. I really hope they don't make me sorry for trying to have faith. It is a Chevy Traverse. White. Pretty. And it tows his boat easily which was part of the main point. My van I used to have was trying it's hardest not to strand me anywhere and deserved to rest. It did have 161,000 miles on it after all. It was a good van.

We are in the process of getting ready for Belle's dance recital. She will be in 3 dances each day. One is a ballet piece that she isn't really all that interested in but then she has her competition group jazz dance and another jazz dance. It should be fun.

Today is my 9 year wedding anniversary.

I spent my 40th birthday on April 21st at my favorite place. The castle in the magic kingdom. Sadly I had a crappy waiter who ruined my birthday lunch (which was my only place I really wanted to go on my birthday). I figured if I had to turn 40 than I wanted to do it at the most magical place on earth. Of the 3 times we have gone this time we had some issues and it was a bit dissapointing but still great if that can make sense.


I think that is it. I am sure there are other things I am forgetting right now. It has been 2 months after all. I am sorry for the weak posting and can't promise to be better but I also can't seem to totally give it up. So I am around.


Lauri said...

I bathe or shower with Livi all the time. I will really miss when she outgrows that.

wow.. sorry about the knee.. Livi dislocated her elbow and then popped it back in... your story helped me to understand her pain.. how horrible

Happy wedding Anniversary & Happy belated Birthday.. 40 is the new 30 and you will have a great time once you get used to saying "I'm 40"

what happened at Disney? vent about that horrible waiter..we need details

Take care and blog more

this new place said...

my bday is April 24th! (I have been a bad blogger too by the way). And my 8 year old showers now on her own. I love it. My 6 year old takes a bath on her own. I help her with a few things, but not having to do it all is so nice! congrats!

meg said...

Hi there. I found you from your comment on my sister, Rookie Cookie's blog and thought I'd hop over. I just wanted to echo sentiments of how bad a knee out of place or a slipped patella can be. It's so hard not to scream in pain. After years of that happening from time to time I have learned tricks to help avoid, but it makes me feel awfully inhibited.

Random comment from a random stranger. Sorry for that. Your comment on my sister's blog told me that you were an interesting and tolerant person. Unfortunately, they're less and less common these days, aren't they? Thanks for being one of the few.