Monday, October 31

Happy Halloween

This is going to be another crazy day/week for me.  I feel like everyday I am just trying to meet that day's deadlines.  I know there are more deadlines looming but I can't even think about them unless they are due TODAY.  I am trying to get a grip but so far not so good.

So today's post will be short and sweet but not before I leave a funny observation I have had over the past couple of weeks or so.
-- Just because someone works in a church it doesn't mean they don't talk smack about each other.--

The drama and back stabbing is amazing.  And they all confide in me.  Another funny thing that was said to me is that one of the rectory volunteers was told by the secretary that I know Father better than the secretary does.  How would that even be possible.   That is very funny to me.  And sadly may be true.  I think they are a bit scared of him.  Which again is funny to me.

Anyway, that is all I have for right now.  Sad I know.

But Happy Halloween!!!!  (that is also causing me drama but I will wait to see how it plays out before I share).

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Heather said...

And that is why I like working with total geeks. They are all so oblivious to drama other than their personal opinions on how some code is written. So much easier to deal with than people drama! I can apply logic to what code is better and then they are all OK with it.