Thursday, June 1


I am new to this blogging. I like it, though. I like the thought of being able to say whatever I feel that day and get it out. I am a very private person by nature and don't talk a lot to the people I am close with about what goes on deep inside. But this also scares me a little. I think what if people really knew how I felt, would they think less of me? Hopefully not but I always wonder. I am trying really hard to post often and honestly. We will see what happens.

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Lauri said...

I know how you feel- sometimes I write a post and then think " why did I write that?" Im also a private person. I find blogging theraputic is ways. I often wish My family did not read my blog so I can complain about them.... I cant vent about my sis throwing my shower because she reads my blog daily.

Welcome to the blog world..... I have enjoyed yours so far and I just found it today