Wednesday, September 26

Oh no....

Conversation with Belle:

Belle: "Mom, I have a boyfriend."

Me: "Really? What is his name?"

Belle: "I don't remember."

Me: "You have a boyfriend but you don't remember his name? How can he be your boyfriend?"

Belle: "He is mom. I just don't remember his name."

Belle: "Oh yeah. His name is Chad."

Me: "What makes him your boyfriend. Did you kiss him?"

Belle: "Nooooo! He said I was his girlfriend."

Me: "Good because you shouldn't be kissing anyone. You are not old enough to do that. So do you just do things together at school?"

Belle: "No."

Me: "Ok."


Anonymous said...

The first of many.... your Belle is a beauty


Diana said...

I love that age. I was 'engaged' to a boy named Larry for most of kindergarten. Didn't last the summer, though.

Heather said...

My DD came home and said she had a boyfriend in Kindergarten and that they kissed on the bus. - Well that's about the same timeframe both happened for me!

I told her she was too young to have boyfriends and kissing and that they could be friends. She was OK with that. Sometimes I think they like it when we set boundaries.