Thursday, September 13

Other Drivers Suck

I know it is the other drivers because it couldn't be me. No way. No how.

What I don't understand is why they won't get out of my way.

Why must they cut me off because I have a van.

Why must they mess with me.

Yesterday this woman literally cut me off 3 times and then gave me the finger. This was all on the way in to work. Great way to start my day. Grrrr

This morning people were just slow. I am not saying they need to drive 80mph but the speed limit would be nice. I am not on a leisurely drive when I am headed in to work each day. I just want to get there and then get out.

Am I asking too much people?


Greta said...

right there with you

Amy said...

I get so annoyed with traffic! I have to battle it every day to and from work. This morning there was an accident on the interstate that I take into work and I sat there for an hour!

Anonymous said...

I feel ya, seriously. Bad drivers need to be banished.