Wednesday, September 19

What I love about Belle

Last night we are lounging before bedtime and I ask her what is it that Mommy loves about her.

The answers were quite strange since they were not things I usually say.

Her first answer was her legs. I asked her why and her reply was because they were cute. OK.

So then I ask her what else I love about her. Her next reply was her arms. Again because they are cute.

And so it goes with every time I repeat the question she named a different body part. All with the same reason of those parts are cute. You should see how far she carried it.


At the last two I began to get scared she may say these things in public. For some reason she is obsessed with butts and boobs. Good thing she isn't a boy. I think that all began because her older cousins would joke with her when she was younger about boobs and what not. Kids are weird.

Anyway, I finally had to ask her what I love about her insides. Her reply was her teeth. Obviously we are not getting to the point I was trying to make with her.

So I had to come out and say it.

"I love your heart because you care about people."

At that point I dropped it. I need to be careful what I ask her these days. Who knows what she will say.

I was already feeling kind of bad that she got hurt on the playground at recess and was crying with no one to give her hugs and kisses. Mommy guilt all the way. She even had to go to the nurse who had her put an ice pack on her forehead. Now she has a nice sized black and blue mark/bump. Poor girl...

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