Tuesday, October 30

Updates and a Little Halloween Fun

Thank you for the well wishes and prayers for my friend. She is doing well and the surgery went as expected. They only had to remove 3 lymph nodes and the initial test came back negative. They were sent for pathology and she should get those results this week. I hope she is now cancer free. She ended up staying in the hospital a day longer than she thought but is home now and doing as well as she can.

Last night we decided to carve our pumpkins and if I must say so myself they came out great. We have a disney theme going on but that is how our house is. I ended up carving two of them even though one of them is Belle's. She did help a little bit until she hurt her hand. Let's just say she got a cut on the side of her hand by her pinkie finger the size of a pin head and that put a stop to most carving. She didn't like sticking her hand in the goop but eventually did a little bit.

My husband took the harder one and swears he had it worse than us but I still say mine was more work since I did 2 to his 1.

Can you guess which ones I did and which one he did?

All in all we had a good time with it last night. Tonight we roast the seeds.

update: My husband carved the witch while I carved the castle and cinderella.


jennifercarol said...

I'm guessing that your hubby did the witch one, but only based on complexity of design. They all look fabulous! I especially like the Cinderella one.

Greta said...

i say your hubby did the castle...that looks like the easiest and i know men and their complaining....lol

glad she is doing well

Anonymous said...

cool... did those come with a stencil type kit? very neat