Wednesday, October 10

Bad Blogger Cranky Pants

I think this is going to be my new name: Bad Blogger Cranky Pants. Right now they fit well.

I hope I grow out of them soon, though.

I have just been so very busy. I have had no time to think about anything. The mornings have been torture for both me and Belle. Poor girl...

For example in an effort to make sure she gets breakfast before school I have let her pick out a few things from the store such as toaster struedels in the cinnamon roll and apple flavors, mini cinnimon rolls, mini pancakes, etc. Let's just say I had when she refused to eat her pancakes this morning. I told her fine, she could just starve until lunch time, I was no longer going to buy something she says she will eat, etc etc etc. Like I said poor girl. She hardly eats all day long because she barely touches her lunch. She also has choices of oatmeal, cereal, toast and other such things but nothing is easy. I realize that she needs to eat breakfast pretty much as soon as she wakes up but we don't have a choice. They don't allow the kids to eat in the morning Latchkey. She barely gets her sandwich eaten at lunch time since she runs out of time to eat. They do get a snack in the afternoon in her classroom as well as in her after school latchkey services but she is really hungry when she gets home. I am losing my mind over her meals.

Add to this we have had bad car key karma yesterday and today. Yesterday someone my husband works with had to use his keys for a work lock and gave him back his keys with his car key bent in half. How do you bend a key you weren't even supposed to be touching. It wouldn't even turn in the ignition. Then this morning I had to park in a different spot that I didn't realize was on an angle. So I get out of my car, turn myself around to grab my purse and the door closes just enough to click UGH> Thankfully the parking lot attendant was able to get someone to get it open.

I really just needed to go home and climb back in bed to start all over again.


Greta said...

i go through eating issues with mason...i had a meeting yesterday with his teacher about it...he is 5 years old and weights 37 pounds...yikes...melana is 3 and weighs 35...something is wrong with this picture...

i can ttally sympathize with you on the fight to eat...i have finally resorting to you don't eat fine...he'll eat when he is hungry which is only sometimes 1 time a day...grrrr!!!!

jeneflower said...

Perhaps you could try giving her the Carnation Instant Breakfast Drinks (variety flavors). Let her choose a flavor (chocolate, strawberry or vanilla) and whip it up in the blender and serve it with a straw. It has lots of nutrition and kids usually like it.

Lauri said...

What about Danimals drinkable yogurts?... maybe she can drink one of those on the way to school with a baggy of dried cereal.

Livi loves those yogurt drinks and they work well for a breakfast on the go.... the days we have to be out the door early.. those work for us.

hang in there

Diana said...

You have my sympathy. My son was like that from the age of 5 until just recently (almost 9). He was thin but never passed out from hunger and DCFS never came, so I guess everything turned out OK. For lunch for a few years, all he would eat was one bite of sandwich and his milk.

Somehow, they live. And, if they get hungry enough, they do eat.

Try not to beat yourself up. Offer reasonably healthy stuff as much as you can and know that, despite appearances, they really won't starve to death. At least mine didn't.

As a kid, I lived on Instant Breakfast and little else until dinner. Now the thought of it makes me shudder.