Tuesday, March 4

School Blues

Yesterday was another bad day for Belle going to school. She was much braver in the morning at home but I think that was because we had lots of crying and fretting on Sunday. And I assured her that she had to go to school and stay all day.

When we got to the morning latchkey the women who work there saw right away the difference in Belle's demeanor. They talked to her a bit and Belle told them about Rachel yelling at her and another girl last week. Rachel is in Belle's classroom also and even though I hate to say this she is truly a bad, mean, terrible girl. I really hope Rachel learns that behaving the way she does to other people (adults and kids alike) will not get her far and she changes her attitude quickly.

I left Belle there and she was still crying. The women working were very nice and had her be their helper for the morning to keep her busy. She really enjoyed that.

A while later I got a phone call from the one lady who works there telling that Rachel's mom walked in with her and they spoke at length with the mom about how Rachel was treating others and especially Belle. From what I can gather there is a bit of a power struggle for Belle to be friends with certain girls. But the 2 other girls involved don't necessarily want to be friends with each other. Belle just wants to please them both and then gets caught in the middle.

The mom had Rachel apologize and all seems to be well with the world again. For now.

While I don't think this was the only issue since Belle was upset prior to the "incident" I think this is what pushed her over the edge and it became about this.

Today Belle went to school happily, without crying. I am so grateful.

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Diana said...

I'm so glad that at least some of this seems to be resolved for now. I remember how hard it was at school sometimes and how that would make me feel sick. Poor Belle and poor you.