Tuesday, January 29

The Maids Will Help Me

When Belle is at school she needs to be fairly self sufficient. I always wonder who helps these little ones that are capable of doing so many things yet still need help from time to time.

I kidding around with Belle about why she didn't just go get in the car while I finished getting our stuff together. Keep in mind that the car is outside in our detached garage. She looked at me kind of funny because she knows that she is not allowed outside by herself. Ever. I realize that is sad but in this day and age I refuse to leave the opportunity for her to get snatched by some crazy person a possibility while we are at home. Anyway, I started laughing and said that I knew why she didn't - because she isn't allowed outside alone.

She sort of looked at me with this half tilted head and the expression of whatever, Mom. I hadn't realized I had been so uncool. :-)

I then reiterated this fact that not only is she not allowed outside by herself at home but at school, etc. She proceeds to tell me that she is allowed outside by herself at school. This stops me in my tracks and I ask her what she means.

She said that as soon as they are done with their lunch they can just go outside. By themselves.

I asked about any grown ups being out there and she told me that the maids are out there already. She said it was the same maids that help them with their coats, boots, or fruit cups.

I of course start laughing and remind her that they are not maids but aides.

She is so funny.

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Diana said...

I'm not comfortable in having my kids out alone, too, and we live in the country with little traffic down our road. Fears die hard.