Friday, July 8

Is it Me??

In trying to live my motto I am trying to do more of the things you should do even when you don't want to. 

For example, I used to be really good at sending cards to people for what ever reason.  And even sometimes just because.  Recently there has been a man who was on the RCIA team when we went through it that has been really sick.  We have now send him 2 cards over the past couple months.  Just a nice little something to let him know we hope he is doing ok. 

Another example, we went to a wake for another RCIA member whose niece passed away.  We don't really know them extremely well but we went anyway.  We only stayed a few minutes but we did the nice good thing.

Ever since my grandfather passed away in February it is extremely difficult for me to be at funerals, wakes, memorials, etc.  But I am committed to my motto and therefore I have been going anyway.  Even when it makes me feel like I can't breathe.

This past week Father's aunt passed away.  I verbally told him I was sorry.  I left a card in his office for him and his family.  And when I found out the funeral mass was only 3 miles from my work I got a co-worker to go with me as our lunch hour.  There was a handful of other people from our parish there but not too many.  It could have to do with the location of the church where the funeral was held but I don't know.  He presided over the mass and everything.  He seemed genuinely surprised and happy to see me when I went for communion and told me thanks after.  For me it wasn't much out of my day to do the nice, right thing.  But I have to admit I was surprised by who was not there.  There were members of the staff that were not there.  To me that is disrespectful.  Not only is he their boss but they work for the church.  They should demonstrate an ever higher moral character and stand as the examples.  The only way I feel it would be ok for them not to be there is if he specifically asked them to stay behind at the rectory or there was an event pre-planned.  Otherwise I think it is wrong.

Which begs the question of Is it me????  Or am I wrong?


Heather said...

I try not to judge. Plus my mom always told me, "Don't worry about everyone else, worry about yourself." It was more directed about my behavior than superficial things, so I try to follow that.

ateeq mughal said...

i do agree with heather, u do good u get good in return, and sharing someone's pain is the best thing u can ever do.
and i really loved ur post

Lauren said...

I try very hard not to judge also. I guess it just surprises me when people in certain vocations don't err on the side of kindness. And I have since found out it really was more of a "it's only an aunt" thought process.

I am not worrying about it. I know I did the nice thing. :-)