Wednesday, June 29

Sometimes People....

Did you ever notice that when you are happy there are people who don't like that? 

Or people who can take something pure and innocent and twist it until it looks ugly?

I just don't get that.  I do get when people are just trying to poke fun at you for something but that is the extent it.

But to act jealous of time spent at the church/rectory?  Really!! 

What would you rather I do?  I am not here to be at your beck and call.  Especially since you are not trying to do anything with us.  When during the week all you want is your dinner and to sit and watch TV and go to bed before 8pm. 

Just because I am trying to lose weight and actually succeeding a little bit that doesn't have anything to do with my interactions with certain people.  And now that others know about this fact don't throw it in my face.  This is why I didn't tell some people about my trying to lose weight in the first place.  They can be too judgemental.  I should be able to tell others anything and everything but they make it so difficult sometimes.

I don't plan on changing anything I am doing.  Others will have to learn to accept it or join in because what I am doing is good and helpful and doesn't take away from others.

I am going to keep to my personal motto of Do More, Be More; Do Better, Be Better.

(Sorry for a bit of code in this but I was trying to not call out certain people just in case.  Not that most of my real life people even know about this little blog anyway.)


Lauri said...

Hugs and keep up the good work

Heather said...

Hang in there! Keep working to be the best person you can be and enjoy the parts you like of helping out at the rectory.