Wednesday, August 3


I am working on gathering responses to a list of interview questions I sent to all of the staff at our parish.  Since I am trying to maintain the parish website and Facebook page I am going to use their answers to post on both of those sites.  Staff bios and information was non-existent before this project.  Plus there are quite a few new faces around. 

Out of about 9 that I sent I have gotten 3 back so far.  And the answers are all so very interesting to me.  Most of them had the same or similar questions to each other except for Fr. and the new principal who is a Sister.  They had extra questions surrounding being a priest or nun.

One of the questions was what do they find inspiring.  And while I thought I may have a small idea of one of the ways this question would be answered I have to admit the actual answers have given me things to think about and have in turned inspired me.

What do you find inspiring?

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Heather said...

I'm really excited and inspired as I found a priest that I was friends with from the age of 1st and 2nd grade. We've written letters to each other for ages, and lost touch when I was in college. I finally found out he's in my old hometown and know what rectory he's at. I'm very excited to touch base with him.