Wednesday, May 2


I am stumbling bumbling for the words to express my feelings in this post.

I am not sure how to say this.

I am not sure where to begin.

I guess I should set the stage.

We are driving. J is the actual driver. I am in the passenger seat. And Belle is in the backseat behind J.

We are all just talking to each other and J says something about being hot.

Belle then tries to tell us a story about what happened at preschool.

I finally figured out that Nicky (boy) whispered in Timmy's ear and Timmy then said out loud what Nicky whispered.

He said, "Belle, you're hot!"


I was at a loss of words. I just couldn't believe it. I chuckled a little and then had to talk to Belle about this.

I told her that is really a grown up thing to say. But what it means is that he thinks she is cute but little kids really shouldn't say it that way.

I knew I had to worry about her when she got older because she is really cute if I must say so myself. And she has the "it" factor. People are always drawn to her. Even her teacher (female) said that say is one of the coolest kids she has taught. And the way she was saying it you could tell she was being sincere.

Heaven help me. Not only am I afraid of the bad attitude she may have as a teenager but now I know for a fact to worry about the boys.

She's hot..... Oh brother......


Stepping Over the Junk said...

That's funny (and scary). We dont have that going on in preschool yet, or kindergarten. although the girls in kindergarten are aware of teasing from the boys about being kissed goodbye by parents before school!

Anonymous said...

Call the convent NOW!!!!!

I've already told Joe that when Maggie gets a bit older (maybe 30-40 years from now)he WILL greet all new boys at the door in his Police uniform.

Shari said...

Scary. I have a 7 yr old and a 12 yr old. Both girls. Makes me want to have them wait till they are 35 years old before they start dating, like catizhere says.

Letting go will be so hard. I can't protect them from everything they hear or see at school with other kids.

Jenn said...

Recently, someone told me I was hot. I was confused because in actuality, I was freezing. And then I jotted down #14,576 why I may never have sex again.